Why you Should always Challenge Yourself

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Challenging yourself will help you learn more about yourself. It can help your well being and your mental health if you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Are you in your comfort zone, now? Do you push yourself out of your comfort zone on a regular basis?

Inspired by a SCS challenge to create something you do not see everyday, I chose to use this old but new stamp from my large collection of unused stamps.

Stampingbella Sweaty Chicks Card Stamp Set

I chose this stamp set for several reasons. First one being, when do you ever see chicks exercising? This is definitely something you do not see everyday. Next it represents my challenge for this year. For the last three months toward the end of last year I was weening myself off of eating meats and dairy to prepare for my goal this year.

On Jan 5th I completely stopped eating animal products and dairy. In addition I cut out all oils as well. I thought it would be harder but because I prepared for it by shifting my eating gradually prior to that date it wasn’t difficult to say no more milk and cheese.

This is a big challenge but much needed for my health. In the past year I have faced several health scares and I am just really tired of visiting the doctor. By changing my eating lifestyle this will help me lost weight at a healthy rate and become healthy at the same time.

Now that I have been eating this way for over a month now it is time to get off the couch and put my sneakers on. Which now takes me into my next challenge.

No matter the choice of your challenge you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone every day, even if it is a little bit each day. I know easier said than done but a challenge is that, getting yourself out of a rut to better improve yourself. .

Just do it!

So not only am I challenging myself with getting healthy I am also challenging myself to get creative. I am practicing different mediums, playing with my products that have been just sitting in its packaging, plus improving my skills.

By challenging ourselves we:

  • Increase our confidence level
  • Feel accomplished
  • Take back control in our life
  • Get a new pep in our step
  • Be proud of our accomplishments
  • Smile and walk with our head up more
  • Learn new skills
  • Keep growing
  • Motivation to want more out of life
  • Gratification
  • Change in yourself
  • Proud of what you achieved

So many reasons why you should always challenge yourself. This is the year of body change for me as well as my creative side too. I am so excited as to what I will look like by the end of this year but more so how I will feel. In addition I hope to find my own style in this creative journey.

I know this is not about a diet this time around, rather it is a new lifestyle that I am embracing. Nothing like a wake up call to get the wheels in motion. So here I go for today I will keep my focus on what matters. Life

Have a great day.


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