Why should I join an art challenge?

Why not! That is my first question to you. I love to challenge myself, don’t you? Have you ever done a silhouette?

This is an art challenge on Silhouette. No other restrictions other than be creative. Have fun and submit your finished art to Instagram.

Here is me asking you if you would like to join? Get your kids involved. Why not make it a family project. I just thought I would reach out to others to see if they are interested. I would be truly honored if you join me.

I have done a few art challenges where I challenged myself to 30 days of painting. I even did a 100 days. The challenge was keeping up. Of course I could commit to 30 minutes each day only but of course I always got carried away.

I only picked up a paint brush a few years ago and I just wanted to paint. But of course I was blocked. Did not know what to paint next. That is when I joined a daily painting challenge. It so helped push me to play around with the paint. I really enjoyed the time doing daily painting but with my busy schedule I was faced with challenges. Then of course life throws you a few curve balls and bam I stopped pushing myself to keep up with the daily painting.

Yes I could have painted a few at a time in one night and posted it on Instagram daily but that to me is not daily painting. Daily painting is just that….daily! I did a few in parts and then when I was done I posted it. Since I was taking longer than 30 minutes I could not post daily. And that is ok too. I learned that the hard way. I realized the key word is to do daily painting….not do a painting a day. Well maybe it is but again, its how I interpreted the challenge.

Now my sister and I and a few friends have participated in a few of the challenges. And they look forward to the challenge as much as I do. It is fun! I try to be clear on what the challenge is, and what is the criteria. And some times I have restricted colors, medium, etc. But not this one! So on that note,

I would love it if you would join this challenge.

I made it simple. Why not just take the leap and join us.

If you are interested in other art challenges I listed a few below to help you search the web and have fun challenging yourself. Just create something! for you….

Each creative is unique in their vision.

Its a way for us to express what we connect to. Having fun in the process of learning and putting ourselves out there to remain open, try something new, practice, learn from others, doing something out of our comfort zone is a huge part of how we create.

For me I just enjoy the practice and learning from others. When I am creating something I am in a zone. It is me, the canvas, and the medium I am playing with.

I do hope you take the time to create with Squirrellyartmama.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

Art is all over the place!

Other challenges I have participated in I found on instagram.

The list below are hashtags to instagram. On those pages you can find tons of suggested challenges to partake in. It is endless…but here is just a few to not completely overwhelm you.

Drawing Challenges

Watercolor Challenges

Mixed Media Challenges


Use the hashtag #squirrellyartmamaartchallenges

Also if you could tag me in your image that would be great too.


Can’t wait to see your creations!

I will post your image on this page after the challenge and of course link your name to it so people find you and your beautiful work, if that is ok with you, if not send me a message. Thank you in advance for joining us.

Main thing is to have fun! Enjoy the group you join and share!


Love to hear from you...please comment!

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