Why is Gratitude so important

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I woke up this morning thinking about my Thanksgiving and I recognized why gratitude is so important. I am so grateful to have my kids under the same roof because we were able to enjoy Thanksgiving together. So many people are separated during this holiday because of social distancing during the pandemic. Some are practicing social distancing while others are taking the chance to spend the holidays with their families even though it is a gamble of life or death. Yes it is a stress factor for me. Why take the chance? Why put others in harms way? Why put yourself in harms way? I understand sacrifice is hard but loss is bigger. Too much for me.

While doing my morning pages I was reflecting on that thought hence the reason I am writing this post to share why it is important to show gratitude.

With the stress, fear, and unknown of what is to come due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are left with uncertainties that we do not have control over however, if we focus on things we do have control over we can make a difference. Take a moment, look around and find gratitude in the little things, because they are just as important. Gratitude can help with our stress, fear, and anxiety.

Gratitude helps shift your thinking to a positive emotion.

Taking the time to consciously think of people or things we are grateful for in our life can help shift our mind set and change our day.

We need an act of kindness no matter how small it is, expressing gratitude helps us emotionally and physically.

Take a moment and think of what you should be grateful for and if it is a person reach out to them and tell them how you feel. You will get this warm feeling inside, almost feel more lighter and feel joy of making someone feel special. We have to much negative around us, we need to bring out more joy. What better time to do that during the holiday season.

I am so thankful for my family and for my friends who stuck around. They have helped me through some really hard times that I never thought I would ever survive as well as supported me in all my crazy ideas. I am even grateful for the friends who did not stick around because they played their part in my life when I needed them, and even though we parted ways it is okay because I am still grateful for crossing paths, no matter what.

With the world getting hit by this pandemic I am so grateful for the people whose jobs put them in harms way but yet they keep showing up to save lives and do their part. I truly am grateful for you wanting to do that type of work because that is not my forte’, so thank you so much.

I am grateful for realizing I deserve better and I am the only one who can change my outcome.

I am so grateful that you are even reading this post and becoming part of my journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So on that note show gratitude today. Think about it. What an amazing feeling to be positive and the ability to tune out the negative.

I am trying to keep this short. Ha One last thing….

  • Take a few minutes today, write a letter and reach out to someone and say thanks for being there.
  • Stop putting off that something you have been putting off.
  • Do it today, and then pay attention to that feeling of satisfaction that you did it! Now that is something to be grateful for.

Gratitude can shift your mental state of mind into something positive. Taking a little self care time each day and think of what you are grateful for. Now that is food for the soul. And after thanksgiving food for the soul is lighter on the hips than leftover thanksgiving dinner, hahaha.

Let’s pass it on and start the ripple affect of gratitude. Give a little, and watch it grow.

Have a great day!


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