When is the Right Time to take Self Inventory

Back in January I created a vision board for what I wanted to achieve this year. I placed the vision board on my wall in front of my desk. My vision focus words were to create, gain clarity, and be consistent toward what I wanted to achieve this year. Now that we are in the month of March I was thinking this is the right time to take self inventory just so I can see where I am in my progress.

Self inventory is an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. It helps you take personal inventory so you can see what is working for you and what is not. In this case I wanted to reflect on the last three months and how it relates to my vision board.

Here is a summary of my vision board for the year:

I take a few minutes out of each day and just look over the vision board. With seeing your visions in front of you it helps create the law of attraction.

May I suggest creating daily, weekly, and quarterly check-in’s for each of your goals, so you stay on track and move forward toward your goals.

What I learned is that:

  • Breaking down your goals into daily action steps can help make the yearly goals more reachable.
  • Taking weekly inventory will help determine how far you come in the week and what you may need to adjust to refocus.
  • Each week determine what you want to achieve then prepare a set of daily action steps toward each of your goals.

Easier said than done, right?

I agree.

But if you want to achieve your goals then you must change your mindset and remain focused. I want to achieve these goals this year so I decided it was time to take a self inventory.

Already three months in and I know there were days that got away from me. My emotions have been all over the place which affects my motivation. I am not going to beat myself up over my lack of motivation instead I am going to dust myself off and keep moving forward. I suggest you do the same.

Pick yourself up and move forward.

After I completed my inventory I realized I am still on track with most of m y goals but did shuffle the timeline a bit and that is okay.

I will give myself grace for shuffling the timeline. It is not necessary to beat yourself up for things I did not do.

My biggest goal for this year is to start eating healthy and work on getting my health back on track. For the last 5 years I have been dieting between Atkins and Ketos. The most I lost was about 60lbs and then I gained it back. It took a toll on my body and messed me up. I am not young anymore and eating like that just does not work for me.

I decided that I had enough of these yo-yo diets and it is time to change my mindset and make healthy choices. Now for the healing to begin. I started a plant based way of eating on the 5th of January. I am two months in and doing great.

Losing weight is important to me of course but getting myself off of medications is more important right now. Besides they go hand in hand, I lose weight, eat healthy, and hopefully stop needing medication. That is my plan.

I gave up animal products, dairy, and oil. So far it has been an interesting experience. I thought it would be harder but when I compare plant based versus Atkins I am making way more healthier options. I have lost weight already, less bloated, more energy and not as tired after meals.

Here are some of my meals throughout the week. I kept photos of almost every meal for the last two months. Such variety!

As for my other goals I am making progress. I will continue to do so and take inventory more regularly. As you should too.

If I had to answer my initial question, then every day is the right time to complete a self inventory.

Have a great day.


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