When is the Perfect Time to Reflect on your Life

Taking time out of your day just for you is extremely important. Self reflection is essential to your well being. Thinking about your past can be a rollercoaster of emotions even if you are just looking back to yesterday. Remember, the choices we made yesterday can affect what we do today. But that doesn’t mean we cannot change the outcome. If you take the time to reflect on those choices from yesterday, you can approach today with a better outlook.

Have you noticed how busy life gets that you do not have any time to sit with your thoughts?

What is the perfect time to sit quietly and self reflect?

Why do we allow life to get in the way when it is so important to connect with ourselves?

We cannot change the past but we sure can change our future.

For it is my daughter’s 28th birthday today. I was the same age she is today when I gave birth to her and became a new mom. So for me today is a perfect time to reflect on the last 28 years. I cannot express the joy she has brought to my life.

Happy Birthday Kolina,

Love you always and forever, Mom

Yes motherhood has been a ball of emotions, challenging, exhausting, emotional, and hard. However, it has been gratifying, a blessing, and so rewarding. When she came into this world she gave me a new pair of glasses which provided me to see the world in a new way. A reason to fight and not give up, and a reason to want to be a better person. I knew my life changed and everything revolved around my child. From that moment I knew I had to make better choices.

Joemma Beach LakeBay Washington

Fast forward to today, 28 years later and I cannot believe she is the same age I was. My life at that time was very chaotic but she was my quiet in that storm. She was exactly what I needed in that moment of my life. A gift that I will forever be grateful for. She changed my world from that moment on. I had the honor of watching her grow into a beautiful woman. I am truly blessed to have both of my children in my life.

Self Reflection: Taking a step back to see that you are moving in the right direction

Every year on my children’s birthdays I tend to reflect on the day they were born, the moment I found out I was pregnant and the life around those moments. Because where I was in life then, is so different than the life I have now. Reflecting on the past allows me to be grateful of the choices I made that lead me to the life I have now.

With that in mind today is a perfect time to reflect on your life.

Lessons are learned from the struggles you experience out of life and if we acknowledge them, learn from them we can turn them into victories. I am not saying to dwell on the struggles but consider looking at them, then consider the which choice is the best one to take to change the outcome.

Once I have that nostalgic moment, I go back to reflecting on this past year so I can put things into perspective.

To create a better connection with yourself, a daily reflection will help you understand the choices you made yesterday and how to better approach today. It is a way to create self awareness by reflecting on what you have done and what you can do to continue making the right choice.

We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see.


When you have that moment of wishing things could be different or wishing you made better choices, well then reflect on the choices you made and decide how to make different choices so you see a different result.

Take a moment out of your busy day, and silence the mind to allow the soul to speak.

In order to grow we must face self reflection. It helps us make sense of our choices, our feelings and thoughts.

It all goes back to journaling for me. This helps me get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper to help me better understand why I made specific choices, or why I feel the way I do. I let the ugly out and then I think of how I can change the outcome moving forward.

Take a moment to pause, reflect on what you just wrote, and then consider a new solution.

The reason I suggest to incorporate self reflection daily is because it is a time to connect with yourself. The benefits are endless such as:

  • A way to learn about your core values
  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses
  • Take time to learn how to overcome your fears
  • Consider alternative choices to change the outcome
  • Clear your mind of clutter
  • Change your perspective
  • Help you better plan out your day.

Today is the perfect time to reflect on your life.

Have a great day.


If you struggle with how to get started then please let me suggest a few journal books. These can help guide you in the process of self reflection through daily prompts..

Love to hear from you...please comment!

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