Recovering a Sense of Compassion The Artist Way Week 9

Week 9 of the Artist Way is all about recovering a sense of compassion by Julia Cameron. This chapter touches on some sensitive areas of fear, enthusiasm, creative u-turns, and blasting through blocks.

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  • Do you admit to fear?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • Why are you afraid?
  • Is it fear of failure or success you struggle with?

As a matter of fact, I know what failing feels likes so if that is the case, then maybe I do not complete certain goals in my life due to the fear of success. I want to say yes in some shape or form fear plays a part in it. If I don’t finish something does that mean I really don’t want to achieve that goal or is it just self sabotage for some reason? I am always trying to figure out why.

Dig a little deeper with these questions.
  • What is the worst case scenario if I decide not to follow through?
  • More importantly, is procrastination just an excuse to succeed?

My mind is always thinking of things to do. I am always challenging myself. Yes I do follow through on a lot of things. I definitely live with a lot of self doubt in some major areas of my life causing such a mental block that I am stuck in front of a brick wall. Frustrating as heck, because I tend to move onto something else at times instead of breaking down the wall. Squirrel!!! LOL Don’t you love my analogy. Can you relate?

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A blocked artist spends his or her energy on self-doubt, regret, jealousy, grief, and self hatred.

Check, check, check. Throughout my life I have experienced all of the above, as a result I tend to evaluate what caused this feeling or better yet, distract myself with another project.

When the feeling doesn’t let up and it hits hard I lay in bed and binge Netflix and stress eat however, on a happy note the binging last less than a day where it used to last several days.

Self sabotage is the worst to overcome but it can be done.

  • Pay attention to the behavior shift.
  • Learn to understand what the self sabotaging is helping you with.
  • Have a sense of compassion with your feelings. Be understanding and learn how to get your needs met in a less self sabotage way.
    • For example instead of allowing myself to feel sorry for myself for an extended period, I give myself time to have my “woe as me moment”, then I say to myself okay times up, get up, and snap out of it.
  • Create a new alternative behavior to help with a better outcome.
  • Become aware of the obstacles by creating a plan of action when the moments hit hard. I can’t stress enough, have compassion.
    • You need to build up your tolerance level by starting small.
    • Do not set yourself up with failure by going big or go broke, no, set small attainable goals.
  • Be clear and very specific on what you truly want and what you do not want.

Remember slow and steady can win the race. No rush just take it one step at a time.

Find balance through a sense of compassion and lighten up on yourself.


Remember if you are passionate about something you will embrace it and have the drive to finish what you set out to do.

Play, have fun, love what you do, and if you do not then time to re-evaluate, reassess, and decide if you should be doing something else instead.

Sense of compassion through enthusiasm, you got any?

When I don’t follow through I think about my part in it. Did I have enthusiasm in the beginning, yes. Then what changed? Was I passionate about it? maybe. But not enough to follow through. This begins the digging of why I did not follow through. I won’t beat myself up anymore I just try to figure out why and most times I realize that I did not want it bad enough. That is okay with me, move on.

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Creative U-turns

Got to say this one hit home as much as the fear section. I have started so many things in the past and just when I get to the middle my mind shifts into low drive and I end up right where I started. I justify in my head of ten reasons why its okay to fail. But is it fail or was it something I really did not care to complete?

Sometimes I look at u-turns as a moment to step back re-evaluate and reassess the situation. Maybe something changed, that is okay, reassess. Bottom line like I said before, if you want it really bad you will not let the u-turns affect you. You will look at the positive, reevaluate, and move on. Just staying consistent, not giving up, and keep nudgin yourself out of your comfort zone to help you achieve what you were set out to do.

Having a sense of compassion by creating an action plan will help, do you agree?

  • practice a sense of compassion and love first off.
  • Acknowledge you are blocked and assess what is blocking you.
  • Keep taking steps forward, do not take that u-turn if not necessary. Push yourself forward.
  • And of course know you are not alone. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Let’s blast through the blocks by not giving up and following your dreams one step at a time!

And on that note, Happy Thanksgiving – tomorrow!

Have a great day,


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