The quick Christmas Card Challenge

It is that time of year when everyone is rushing to get the holiday cards out to friends and family.

Are you that organized?

I wish I could say I am. For years I had every intention to send out Christmas cards but each year it got worst. I would buy the cards, even write them out but then I would want to include a picture of my family and that is when it all goes downhill because I can never find the right ones or I did not know where I put the school photos. Terrible excuse but it is my reality. I procrastinated until it was too late. I noticed the pattern each year was getting worst that the Christmas cards would end up as Holiday cards and get there before New Years. I finally accepted defeat and stopped even trying. Sad yes I know.

I then noticed a trend if you don’t give you don’t get. I used to get dozens of Christmas cards in the mail and now maybe two a year. Maybe I am not the only one who struggles with procrastination. Of course I rather believe that then someone saying she doesn’t send cards to us so scratch her off the list. hahaha and that is okay!

Now here we are years later and I am making cards and still haven’t gotten back in the groove of sending cards. Yes terrible I know.

My sister on the other hand she is on top of it. She is on a mission and follows through. And now that we make our own cards instead of buying the Christmas cards at the store the prepping takes a lot longer.

My sister was stressing because she had many cards to make and was drawing a blank on where to start. Because not only does she makes her Christmas card each one is specially made with that person in mind. How special is that! So I suggested us to do a challenge and make two cards in two days. I figured this can help her to get started and at the same time we have a challenge! The only rule was to use the same die cut on each card.

The die cut I chose to use on each card was the bears and tree die cut. I did use a rectangle die cut as well with some embossing, blue ribbon, and glitter of course.
My first Christmas Shaker Card. As you can see I cut the bears out of this one and just used the trees. I did use a circle die cut as well, some stickles, and glitter.
This was a huge challenge for me. I wanted to make a card as simple as can be. This die cut did make it easy because it is a really cool die cut but I wanted to go nuts with color. I decided to go simple, plain, and all white.
Darlene’s die cut choice was the fairy on the moon. Love that die cut. She also used several stamp sets to complete this card and even embossed the snow on the tree. Go get ’em sis!

For this card she got creative with her stamps and created this beautiful card. I love her blending sky in the backgrounds on both her cards, so pretty.

This was a fun challenge although my sister assumed we could only use one die cut on the whole card and it had to be the same for each card. I interpreted the rule as use the same die cut for each card. I guess I will say that I did not follow the rule of one die cut for two cards. But in my defense I did use the same die cut on each card.

Oh well it was fun anyway!

I would love to say these cards are being mailed to friends and family but ugh with what picture. LOL my shutdown begins.

Hope you are better at sending cards than me.

Maybe one day soon I will start sending out cards again. Time will tell.

Have a great day.


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