The Artist Way Week 12 Recovering a Sense of Faith

Week 12 of The Artist Way by Julia Cameron discusses recovering a sense of faith and in the sidebar it addresses the fact that creativity requires receptivity and profound trust which we learned throughout the work we did in this book. Be on the look out for our self sabotaging moments and trust in the creative process. Easier said than done is the way I thought before I read this book but now I have noticed the signs of self sabotage more clearly.

It has been an interesting journey reading this book and partaking in the book club. My first time joining a book club and I got to say it was the perfect book to share experiences with others. I made new friends and connected with them immediately. We each shared our experience and take away from the book as well as supported each other at all times. Sad to see it end but I think we are planning to start up in January. Looking forward to it.

What is your sense of faith?

Do you have a dream that you have not had the courage to admit out loud?

Is it something you wanted so much but it is the most difficult to say out loud because once you say it, you give it life?

I know I have a few that I was afraid to even write in my journal because what if someone read it. It took me a long time to get that thought out of my head and on paper. But I did it. I realized that if someone read it without my permission well that is on them. This is my personal thoughts. I have to not care what they think because this is my dreams, my wants, and my journal.

If you want that dream to become real then you have to say it aloud to someone and not get offended by a negative comment. They do not have to agree it is yours, own it. You may be surprised how supportive they are of what you just told them. You have to keep the faith and trust in yourself to make that dream a reality. Pay attention to what holds you back. It is normal to be resistant and hard to ignore. Push through the resistance and create a different outcome.

Only you have the power to change what is going on in your life.


Another thing that popped out this week was creativity requires faith and faith requires us to relinquish control. When I think of this statement I realize it just requires us to have the courage to let go of certainties. We are afraid of uncertainties. Well I know I have been. Creativity is within all of us but so many do not believe that is true. Allowing ourselves to express the creative side takes courage and faith.

All you would have to do is just share something that is personal to you without the worry of being judged by others. Easier said than done for sure. People tend to block that vulnerability. But the thing is no matter what anyone does people will judge. It is unfortunately in our nature. Be willing to share, be vulnerable, to believe in yourself and allow yourself to express your vision without letting fear dictate your expression will only help you grow within.

We control so much in our lives that it is a wonder how much of it is left on faith. That I think is when we have to leave it up to our higher power.

It reminds me of the “Secret”. You put positive out to the universe you will get it back. The universe responds to what you put out there so put out positive and kick the negative to the curb.

What I got out of this chapter and the whole book is to be open to receive the following:

  • I will continue my morning pages because they have become part of my self care regime and I am enjoying the process.
  • When a negative thought consumes me I will pause and redirect my thinking back to a positive thought.
  • Be open to my creative side and welcome mistakes.
  • I will continue to set time aside just for me as my weekly artist date.
  • Divert the negative beliefs into a positive affirmations.
  • Don’t talk about it just do it!
  • Allow time for creative play.
  • Stop letting fear block the way.
  • Be true to myself and create what I want.
  • Set boundaries and goals.

As I look back on life I realize most of my statements above I lived the opposite I worried about others opinions, I allowed to do for others and not care what was right for me. I did not allow myself to much creativity in worry that I would be judged. I was a people pleaser, go with the flow, never resisting, constantly saying yes to help others while I truly disagreed in what I was helping them with. Well no more.

This year I let go of so much.

I did what I felt was right and had to let go of others feelings. Got to say that it is beyond hard to do but I still feel real sad for them because I was close with them but I know what I did what was right. I have to live with no regrets so I have to bury that thought because bottom line they did it on their own. You cannot help someone that does not want help.

My biggest one that is work in progress is letting go the worry of judgement. Bottom line if you do not like it then move on. I am no longer surrounding myself with people who I realize takes a lot of work to remain connected with. It has drained me all these years and I got to say I am over it.

Not everyone has to like me I have to accept that and move on.

I am expressing my creative side the way I want too. I understand some people will like it and some people won’t. That is ok because bottom line I like it. We tend to beat ourselves up so why add the fuel to the fire and allow others opinions to affect us.

As we come to the ending part of 2020 it is only natural to reflect on the past year. A lot has happened that has had a major impact on my life and all our lives.

Can we have done something differently?

Have we left it up to faith and it is worst?

Remember some things we have to do our part. We have to believe if we do our part we have to have the faith that others will do theirs. We are in this world together and those rare moments everyone is one and we have to unite and do what is right. And clearly with the COVID pandemic many are in denial and feel they do not have to do their part. For that reason alone it will not go away until we unite.

Stop pointing fingers, just accept we are in this fight together and each and everyone one of us must do our part.

Are we allowing others to control the way we live?

Did you do something for you and not for others?

How about something creative. Did you create something others might question why? Are you afraid to share something because of the feedback you might get? Do you live in fear of judgement?

Bottom line we have to trust in our decisions and leave some things up to faith. We have to have courage to put ourselves out there. We owe that to ourselves. My creative journey this past year has been about reflection, personal growth, and giving myself permission to play. We owe it to ourselves to be free, open and welcoming our creative process no matter where it takes us, it is our journey.

It seems I can go on but I won’t. Haha!

Remember mistakes are just happy little accidents. Bob Ross

Do not fear mistakes, there are none. Miles Davis

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