Recovering a Sense of Strength in The Artist Way

What an interesting week it has been. Recovering a sense of strength was the topic of this weeks reading of the Artist way. And of course what I got out of it is you must look within. Everyone most likely experiences some type of emotional struggles of negative feedback, financial loss, lack of self esteem and even the lack of time to recover. The Artist Way, Week 8 big takeaway was creative loss, time constraints, age, the ivory power and how to tackle ways to recover through the sense of strength.

Have you ever experienced loss, struggle financially, negative comments, or rejection? If not, wow! Way to go! You are truly blessed!! If so, you are not alone.

When you put your heart and soul into something, and in return you go broke and at the same time negative feedback, it hurts. But what you do with that hurt is very important. You can either let it bring you down or not accept defeat. You can find your sense of strength by recovering from things that hurt you.

A sense of strength tip: I say do not accept defeat! Keep going.

Remember one thing, if you love what you created I am certain someone else will love it too. You just have to find those people.

Bottom line if you had the courage to put it out there, that alone makes a big statement.

A sense of strength tip: Be proud of yourself and tune out the naysayers.

The book suggests a process that may be helpful to you:

  1. Acknowledge the loss. (Take a few minutes to have a pity party and then snap out of it). Openly acknowledge the damage it may have done to your pocket or soul but then use it to express your next project.
  2. Which then leads to putting your focus back onto the process. (Shake off the loss, release the negative naysayers to their muck and keep going). Learn from it and use it in your creative process.
  3. Keep moving forward. Like Dore’ would sing in Nemo. Just keep swimming. hahaha. Sorry could not resist…the first thing that came to my mind!

As for time, well if only we can change the amount of hours in a day to get all that work done. Instead we have to change our habits to better schedule our time.

Sleep is non-negotiable. You must get sleep for your health and well being, and for your family because they do not need a cranky person around them due to lack of sleep. You need to take at least a few days to record every second of your day so you can see how busy you are. Yes that means even when you are scrolling TIkTok, Instagram or Pinterest. You can lose hours by doing this, it is crazy. Taking the time to review all that you do in a week can help you see where you can better block out time for the important things.

We are entitled to binge Netflix once in a while. But only as a reward not to help avoid.

Yes everything is important! LOL, was that your first thought? It was my first thought! But is it really that important?

To recover a sense of strength you have to dredge through the muck before you get to the other side. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?


To survive people tend to hide their feelings if they get hurt by bottling it up inside never to discuss, hoping it would just go away. And does it really?

Somehow we keep going after the disappointments, the negative comments, the hurtful things people say, and the disapproving facial expressions about our work even though it crushes our self-esteem.

Hang in there I am going somewhere with this. LOL.

Did you ever hear “this too shall pass”? It is okay to acknowledge what was said but just do not let it consume you. Okay if you want to have a fifteen minute pity party go for it, you deserve that. Then snap out of it.

A sense of strength tip: Pick yourself up, and brush it off.

Think about it, if you get a few to a hundred negative comments and allow that to consume you, then they win. I know I don’t want other people’s negative comments to control how I feel or what I do in life. Don’t you want to win? You must keep pushing yourself because guarantee you will start hearing positive feedback.

Use the negative as fuel to build strength within because it can help bring more emotion into your work. Thats right! Creativity is emotional!!!!

Some beautiful paintings, songs, and businesses were built because of inner drive which may have come from proving the naysayers wrong. I love that thought when I hear stories about how someone had a hard past but turned it into a positive.

I know I am a surviver and if I allowed the bad things that happened to me consume me to a point of self sabotage, well I would be forever in my bed listening to sad songs. But instead it pushes me, it helps me get out of bed, it keeps me sane. I won’t lie constructive criticism is hard to take in but if you turn it around it helps you do better.

A sense of strength tip: Just get through the muck. Yes face it and push through it.

What happens if you get in your head and say I am too old for this. I cannot change now it is just too late. Heck you are not in a grave yet, so it is not to late!

How does anyone strengthen sense of self?
Change your perspective by viewing losses as a reason to move forward, a sense of strengthening tip, and take the pain and let it out by expressing it in your work. Give it a meaning.

Now that you change your perspective, embrace your age, re-evaluated your habits and rescheduled time it is time to recover through a sense of strength by taking all that you learned and be more productive by doing the work.

“Art is the act of structuring time.”

I love that saying by the author, Julia Cameron.

I created a goal setting form that can help you do just that. Set your goals, break it down into weekly or daily tasks and just get started. Small steps no matter how small if they relate to the goal you are in the right direction. Look at it this way, if you have a goal to complete something in one year, that main goal can be broken down to 365 days of daily tasks. You take action each day doing each of those small tasks toward your goal, you are golden. Layer each of those tasks by day and you have a pile of completed tasks which brings you to your goal. Now that is huge!

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Have a great week and remember art is all over the place!


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