What new emotions can evolve reading The Artist Way

We are taught at an early age about things that may be acceptable in our society. We learn about how to behave, how to react, and even when it is ok to be creative or not. Some get encouraging words from others while others say don’t waste your time. I think it is very important to tell someone if it makes you happy then go for it! You can do anything you set your mind to with practice and determination. Reading “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron is teaching me just that, release those naysayers and allow yourself some grace.

I just started to read this book a few weeks ago. A friend of mine invited me to join a group of ladies discussing the book. I can honestly say this is my first book club I ever joined. About a year or so ago I started to read this book and got to the second chapter only to get side tracked. Not shocking right? Hahaha. In my defense I was overwhelmed to face some of my past plus I did not have anyone encouraging me to keep moving forward. This time around I have other ladies that will help hold me accountable so I can get through the process.

Have you read “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron?

Immediately in Chapter one it suggests getting up an hour so earlier to get to write three pages called the “morning pages”. I have been journaling consistently for about a year now and I did try to keep up with the three pages but some days I had nothing that I wanted to write about. So I started getting creative and writing affirmations instead. That lasted for a bit but then I shortened the writing pages to one. Well you could figure out how that ended. Hahaha. I was not consistent at all.

This time around I am pushing myself to remain at three pages no matter what. It is hard some days because you feel like you are complaining or just writing useless information on the pages. But I am keeping up. That is key!

Do you ever do a brain dump?

Got to say a good brain dump can go a long way. It helps to let go of the stuff that has been clogging my brain first then I take the time to turn it around to find out why I am dumping negative talk and change it to a positive spin. That way when I walk away from writing I do not walk into my day with a negative attitude. Got to say it helped me. And it helped me approach the daily writing with a more positive attitude.

Reading The Artist Way has given me an excuse to take time for myself weekly by going on an artist date. We get so busy with work and taking care of the house and family that sometimes you do not take care of yourself. Well that is me for sure. My first date I went shopping at a few craft stores. What an exciting date! Hahaha…it actually was since it has been awhile since I went into a craft store. I spent my time looking around and picking up some drawing paper which I needed. I did visit a few stores because you know I am on a date. LOL and this is my treat.

For one of my first Artist Dates, I drove through Olympia and got to enjoy the Capital with no people around. Rare moment!
I have learned some issues stem from my childhood and those negative blurts really have affected my life.

My next artist date was driving around to see some sites including taking a moment at the Capital in Washington. I work from home so getting out is a rare thing for me especially with CoVid at a high so I figured I would just go drive around. I love to drive around so that was an easy thing to do. And it is all about taking time doing something you enjoy, right.

The tasks suggested at the end of each chapter, I think I struggle the most. I am terrible with long term memory. Excuses maybe or is it because I am blocking something, haha. I worked through each of the tasks with some discomfort but I got through them. Oh wow is that another negative blurt.

The book suggests writing a positive affirmation ten times and to pay attention to any negative connotations that may occur.

So I wrote,

I, Doreen am capable and have succeeded in reaching the goals you have set forth. You are an intelligent, funny, and successful creative entrepreneur who continues to succeed in all your endeavors.

Then the negative blurts started to spew. Who do you think you are? You are not capable of pulling anything off? You don’t even know who you are and why you are the way you are. Why bother you are going to fail miserably? Nobody is going to believe what comes from your mouth . Ouch!

Screw you Negative Blurts!!!

Sitting in the park watching the ducks for my artist date.
Another artist date was to sit and enjoy the ducks in the pond with that beautiful backdrop of the trees changing colors.

It’s amazing how my emotions keep shifting while reading The Artist Way. I love the part where it suggests to turn those negative blurts into something positive. And that is when things changed for me.

“I am an intelligent women with amazing qualities which has helped me succeed in gaining a Master Degree in Information Management as well as my skills in graphic designs. You excel at all you do, you have changed your life, raised your children and successfully completed three degrees in the past 7 years. On top of that you worked full time, and built a side business to help support you and your children. You are successful in many different areas of your life. You are not afraid to speak your truth and be yourself around others”.

Ok that felt so good! And wow it is true. From where I was ten years ago to now is a complete 180. I cannot believe I achieved all that I set out to do. I do remember sitting there ten years ago in such a negative space at the time thinking there was now way out.

Mic drop while Reading The Artist Way!

When I looked at my children I needed to figure out a new way of life.

I knew I did not want my son to experience the same struggles my daughter experienced growing up. I could not change what she went through but I could change the future. Of course we wish we could change the past in some areas but that makes us who we are, right?

Stop dwelling on the past, instead use it to fuel your future.

I am proud of all I achieved and should embrace the successes in my life. And all it took was making a few huge scary goals that I honestly thought were impossible to achieve. Then I took action and focused only on that day, that minute, that second and did what I needed to at that moment. Those small tiny daily tasks build up and helps you achieve those huge dreams you think are unrealistic.

So on that note What my experiences have evolved from reading “The Artist Way” is that it is helping me put things in perspective. It is allowing me to address the negative and build up on the positive. I feel like I have been given the green light in taking care of myself through the artist date. I have learned so much as well as faced certain things from my past and turned it around as lessons learned. Definitely a must read!

Looking forward to the next few chapters to see what prevails.

As I continue to grow in life I chalk it up to my creative journey. Main thing is to continue to learn each day. Letting go of something that is holding you back releases that energy and opens up the opportunities of growth.

If you are interested in a brain dump sheet to help you through the process check out my free Golden Acorn Guide. It will provide you with a goal setting sheet as well as the Acorn Gathering sheet which is also known as the brain dump sheet. Just Squirrellyartmama’s spin on the name for fun.

Click on this link to sign in and claim your free copy of the Golden Acorn Goal Setting Guide.

Enjoy the guide and I will definitely be updating this page to include how its going as I go through reading additional chapters in The Artist Way. I still have eight weeks left of the book club.

Have a great day.


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