National Holiday Daily Paintings

National Holidays are celebrated all over the world.  Why not paint it!

Did you know everyday is a holiday?  When I listen to the radio I would hear the DJ say, today is….some funny holiday, like today is National Peanut Day!  I use to laugh when I would hear what day it was…and that is it.  Never to do anything about it other than share the news with friends.  Who comes up with this stuff.  So doing some research I noticed that there are many different celebrations celebrated each day.  How fun is that.

Since I have been trying to find inspiration of things to paint, I came across many different blogs to help inspire the creative self.  Doodlewash was a blog that I just fell in love with.  The author Charlie created his blog to view the world through watercolor and ink.  How fun!   And the name doodlewash was perfect for what he wanted to share on his blog.

Since he started his blog in 2015 it has evolved from his personal art journal to now sharing other amazing artists and their journey.  A now art journal of watercolor and ink artists from around the world, wow inspiring right?

One of his Watercolor challenges was exactly what I was looking for.  What a great idea, why not paint the national holidays.  I need to challenge myself as well as practice my painting skills….And how perfect I started this journey on September 1st, my son’s 11th birthday.  What a perfect day to create.


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