How To Stay Focused On More Than One Thing

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This past week I found myself juggling multiple projects all due around the same time. Have you ever caught yourself saying, “How can I stay focused on more than one thing”?

What ended up happening was realizing that I needed to let something go. Focusing on too many things at one time can lead to burnout. Juggling seems to get me nowhere fast. I do not want to do something halfway, I prefer doing it right. That is when I realized that there was no way I was going to get it all done if I focused on everything at one time. It was time to prioritize all the things I needed to work on this week.

In the beginning of the week I woke up early and stayed up late in the attempt to get it all done but instead I crashed and burned. After just a couple of days attempting to squeeze it all in I hit a brick wall. I just cannot stay up that late anymore. I prefer to get up a bit earlier to give me some me time.

I am sure we all said it,

“If only I had more time”.

I pulled out my goal sheets and started to plan out my week. I put the most dreadful project at the top of my list. Even though I was dreading it, I had to make it top priority just so I could get it over with.

Next I added the remainder projects onto my calendar and committed to time that I wanted to spend working on each.

I definitely had a squirrel moment the previous week when I joined a new group of stampers and scrapbookers. I jumped in with two feet and everything else and started making cards.

Have you ever noticed when you are in crafting mode the world shuts down around you and you are officially in the zone. It is my happy place and I needed to make sure I find time to be in that place.

I did get in a couple of cards, one resin testing project and a couple of collage journal pages.

Everyone needs to carve out some time to be creative.

It is so good for the soul.

We went to visit the gnome house again to see it in the snow.

When you have a lot of things to do in a short period you should prioritize from most important to least. Then take the time to commit by putting it on your calendar. Start small by committing to 15 minutes a day toward a project.

We juggle work, kids, cooking, cleaning, and keeping up with the house when do you have time for yourself. You must remember that you are just as important as the rest and you owe it to yourself to have some quality time for yourself.

Balance is so important. We cannot change the amount of time in a day but we can create a schedule so we can get more done in the time we have. It is best to focus on one thing at a time.

To become productive you must plan out your day. This way you can focus on one project at a time then move onto the next.

I notice how more productive I am when I follow these few rules.

  • Getting enough sleep!
  • Wake up a half hour or an hour earlier to take time for yourself.
  • Do the least appealing project first to get it out of your way immediately.
  • Schedule your day and commit just like you would if you had to show up for an interview.

“Show up for Yourself”

  • If you need help you got to ask.
  • Say no when needed. Do not allow any interruptions.
  • Take breaks throughout the day and go for a walk.

For me taking time for myself is the most important. Taking time to find time to play helps me staying healthy. It has a way of calming the noise inside my head and release unwanted stress.

In honor of Valentines Day I made the following:

This card I used wooden block stamps that I had for years. I then took a few strands of ribbon and a little bit of glitter stars, haha.


SCS had a challenge that I decided to participate. The challenge was to incorporate a set of something, three colors green, pink, and orange as well as a die cut with stitching.

The resin project is still work in progress and the collage journal is really for my eyes only. Maybe one day but for now it is a place for me to just put together things that I am drawn too.

That is it for this past week. I do have another week of juggling. Oh the fun ahead. The key takeaway from this article is make time for yourself.

You are important.

Need help setting up your goals the week.

Click on this link to get your free goal setting guide.

Have a great week.


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