How to Spot Something to Inspire You

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Have you ever had those moments that no matter how hard you try nothing inspires you? You cannot focus? You are unmotivated? Gosh I have been feeling that way for some time now. I have to push myself out of it once in awhile but I keep falling back into that feeling. I noticed for the last few weeks I found myself struggling on being creative. Nothing was inspiring me to want to be creative. So how do you spot something to inspire you when you feel this way?

That is the big question. It is hard to do when you are in the house all the time. With all the things going on in this world right now staying home just seems the safest.

Getting outside in the fresh air does a body good.

This past weekend we went to The Brothers Greenhouses in Port Orchard. Nothing like going to see all the plants and greenery and to top it off they have a cute hobbit house in the back.

This place got me so inspired that when I got home I started to sketch what I seen today. The flowers, leaves, plants, and the hobbit house inspired me.

I guess when you see something that draws your attention you get inspired.

All these images got me thinking about sketching something. Now I feel like I should challenge myself daily just to stay inspired. I usually get up around 530a but recently it has been later in the morning around 7a. That has been too late and it distracts me from my morning self care. I am back on track getting up at 5a and taking that time for self care. The last several weeks was even a struggle when it came to daily journaling but I did force myself to continue even when I got up late.

I want to draw houses again!

By taking the time in the early morning for myself is helping me keep my focus inward before my day begins.

Another thing I stopped doing was watching TV in the early morning. The News can consume a person and it just wasn’t healthy for me.

I am back on track with taking in an artist date. I know the Artist Way suggests doing things by yourself but I love going places with my kids. We make it an adventure.

Sketch some treehouses with animals throughout.
Ghords are so different and fun in the shapes.
This one got me thinking about different door designs

This picture makes me want to pull out my Lionel Train Set and start building a platform for the train.

I will have to update this page when I am done with my painting. work in progress is for my eyes only.

Now to relax the mind and get creative.

Remember art is all over the place. Just open your eyes and really look and you will see.

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