How to Shift your Life to Live like a Vegan

Making the transition to a vegan lifestyle has been such a process this far. I am learning so much. Since we have been on so many diets in the past we know to stay away from temptation. But we are human so some foods just cannot be in the house. My son is now incorporating a vegan lifestyle to win a bet. He wants a VR for his birthday in September. I told him sure if he can eat vegan for four months I will consider that for his gift in September. Those virtual gaming machines are expensive. Got to make it worth it. So now he has to shift his life to live like a vegan for the next four months. He began transitioning this month on April 7th.

Now that he is on board with us it was time for us to remove his temptations. We cleaned out the pantry of things we no longer eat including any canned animal products and oils. Bye bye spam and vienna sausage. We thought about keeping it just in case but I am hoping after four months his taste buds shift to want to continue. With that thought in mind I have my work cut out for me.

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Transitioning and learning how to eat as vegan as possible without buying vegan alternative foods was our immediate focus. Thankfully we have been eating this way for three months now. No substituting cheese for vegan cheese, or meat for meat alternative. How about tofurky or churkin. I mean what is that all about? No thanks!

Our goal is focusing on Whole Foods and keeping it as simple as possible by incorporating whole grains and starches, legumes, beans, nuts, veggies, and fruits.

The main focus is to make meals as whole as possible without reaching for any dairy and oil as well.

As for my son he really wants this VR so he is determined. Four months though, we will see. I have an additional bet with my daughter for $20 that he will achieve his goal. I believe in him. It is funny because when my daughter suggested to bet that he would not follow through with this bet I hesitated because I was not sure that he could do it. I am his mom I have to let him know I do believe in him. So I took the bet.

Now it is up to me to set him up for success. Our refrigerator is prepped with veggies and fruits and our pantry has all the right can goods that will help make quick meals when needed too.

I think my mindset shifted to living life as a vegan because it was much needed for my health. But I now notice that since I have been living this way for a few months I feel different when I look at meat products. I actually feel bad for the animals who lost their lives so we can eat fancy meals. Sad. I have been reading about living this way and the book addresses this very topic.

Our refrigerator and pantry filled with vegetables for days. Who would ever think. Our freezer still has some meat in there for when my daughters husband comes home for the weekend, he can eat it up!

Got to say I never thought in a million years that I would turn vegan. I know I am only a few months in but I don’t want to reach for any meat products anymore, I am good.

The more I read about this type of lifestyle the more I am grateful I finally transitioned. I know where my food comes from now and it is so better for the environment. I think this way of eating is so much better for my body. I figure in about a year or so I will have lost all my weight. That is my hopes! Of course getting off my blood pressure med is my main goal. I am happy to report my blood pressure has been pretty normal lately. Fingers crossed to get off of that medicine.

Bottom line, this is a life changing moment for me because I heard the voice of my 80 year old self say, it is time for a change!

I want to be around for a long time and by changing my way of thinking I will be here for awhile and I hope you will too. Do what is right for you!

Have a great day.


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