How to Set Intentions and Start a New Journal

How to set intentions for the day and start a new journal? Think about it, each day you wake up in the morning you are faced with a brand new day. A new day with new beginnings becomes a fresh start! Why not add to that thought and start a new journal. Within this journal you can set your daily intention for the day to set you up for success.

Set yourself up with the greatest intention right from the start

  1. Open your eyes, take a moment and set your intention for the day.
  2. Open your curtains and shed some light in your room.
  3. Immediately make your bed.
  4. Go wash your face and brush your teeth.
  5. Drink a tall glass of water to hydrate your body.
  6. Put on your walking shoes and go take a nice walk in the neighborhood.
  7. Enjoy listening to music or even listen to a podcast while you walk. Energize your brain with upbeat music, positive talks, and inspiration.
  8. Take a morning shower to refresh and get ready for your day.
  9. Take a moment to enjoy a bit of self care before you start the rest of your day.
  10. Visualize what you have planned for today.
  11. Take out your journal and jot down your gratitude list and intentions for the day.

Here are a few journal prompts to get you started.

  • What do you want to do today?
  • What way do you want to act?
  • What is your purpose today?
  • What would you like to accomplish today?
  • What do you want to see happen in your life today?
  • What do you want to focus more on?
  • What can you do today to help make this day perfect?
  • What can you do today that is fun?

When you start off your day with the right frame of mind it can help make a big difference to how your day turns out. Setting an intention helps you stay aligned with your goals and values. It will help you remain present and calm when things go sideways. You take that moment to center yourself and bring you back to your morning intention page to remember what your mission is for today.

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The key here is to practice. Do not expect this to be perfect. I just want you to start. Start with today and focus on today. Do not worry about tomorrow. A new habit takes time and overtime it can cultivate into an amazing tool to help guide you throughout your day. I have been journaling for some time now. For years it was consumed with my negative thoughts and frustrations. Since my life was not a positive one it definitely reflected in my journal.

Over time I decided to change it up and for every negative comment I made in my journal I wrote something that I am grateful for. It was hard at first but wow! It took on a life of its own. Now I take the time to write three things each day that I am grateful for. And at the end of the day I reflect on how the day played out. This way I can release and allow myself to reflect on what I can do differently tomorrow.

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Remember you are human and we all get sidetracked from our daily focus. We have all good intentions to make the right choice, be kind to others, and to ourselves but yet we stray from those thoughts. Pause! Keep your morning intention worksheet with you and glance at it throughout your day. Better yet, take a snapshot of your morning intention worksheet and keep on your phone to use as a reminder throughout the day.

Attached are two pages that can help you get started if you do not have a journal handy. These two pages can help set your morning intentions and at the end of the day you can do your evening reflections.

Be creative and have fun! Be kind to yourself, you are worth the effort. Start your journal today with a new perspective which is focus on gratitude, positive attitude, and set yourself up for a day filled with intention.

Speak your intention out loud for all to hear!

Take some time and answer the questions on the Morning Intention Worksheet to see how you will approach your day. At the end of the day use the Evening Reflections to answer questions on how your day went. In addition to those two new worksheets I have included the brain dump action plan to help you through the process.

Love to hear from you...please comment!

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