How to Overcome Negative Self Talk by Positive Thinking

Do you ever have one of those days when you ask yourself how does positive thinking help you overcome negative self talk or even how do you overcome negative self talk with positive thinking? However you say that sentence it boils down to stop being so hard on yourself.

Every once in awhile the negative thoughts creep into my head. I immediately have to think of something positive to rid myself of those thoughts. Sometimes it is harder than others. I could remember years ago I would stay in bed for days lost in negative thought. Depression is hard to shake off but it is possible. People can be really hard on themselves with self doubt, self sabotage, and low self esteem. When you are battling with those thoughts it can be challenging to make the switch to positive thoughts. I get it but something has to give. You have to push yourself out of that funk somehow. Instead of just shaking off that feeling try to understand why you feel that way. Don’t get me wrong I am not perfect and I do have those moments that can go on for longer periods but I just learned ways to change my thinking by putting a positive spin on it.

Pause. Regroup. Take a moment and sit quietly in your thoughts.

To overcome negative self talk you have to understand why you have them. Negative self talk is just part of being human. I am pretty confident to say that everyone experiences some type of negative self talk, self doubt, and has even experienced self sabotage. Thoughts and feelings is part of who we are. So with that thought in mind it is important not to ignore them. Take time to sort through those thoughts to help understand why you are having a moment of negativity and then let it go.

So many great ways to overcome negative self talk. Since I struggle with it I like to talk about it to better understand why I am so down on myself. You need to give yourself a break. Stop beating yourself up instead treat those feelings the same way you would give someone else advice, with compassion. Think about what you would say to a friend who was feeling this way. You probably would be kind and compassionate towards their emotions and give them great advice on how to move past it. Well then you should practice what you would preach to others.

Take your power back from negative self talk by replacing it with positive thoughts.

Once I started to put this theory into practice my mind opened up to infinite possibilities. I realized in order for me to shift my thinking to a more positive state I had to not ignore the negative self talk but instead acknowledge these thoughts. I allowed them to surface to help me understand why I felt this way and the ask myself how is the best way to rid myself of beating myself up because of it. By doing that the negative self talk lost its power making it easy to let it go.

See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.

~Dalai Lama

  • Start small. Do what you can today to help you get through the moment.
  • Sit up, put your feet on the ground and take that first step.
  • Take inventory of how you feel at that moment and understand the why you feel that way.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Sit with yourself, relax and try meditating.
  • Write down your values and read them daily
  • What are you grateful for?
  • Read daily affirmations to pick up your spirit
  • Surround yourself with supportive people
  • Exercise. Take a walk to clear your head
  • Practice positive self talk
  • Read books that inspire you
  • Journal
  • Eat Healthy
  • Smile

Just put into practice one at a time. Keep it simple. And when you are ready put another into practice and watch how you grow one day at a time.

When you think positive you can overcome negative self talk

Instead of saying:

  • I cannot do that -say- Why not try or how can I learn how to do that? What will it take.
  • I am not worth it -say- What steps can I take to make me worth it in my eyes.
  • There is just no way I can make this happen -say-What can I do today to help make this possible.
  • I am too weak -say- What can I do today to make myself a little bit stronger.
  • I am going to fail -say- I have to at least try and if I fail then I will try again until I succeed.

There are so many benefits to positive thinking. Bottom line do not give up. We must practice. We must become optimistic and welcome hope and self acceptance into our lives. Be open to learning how to overcome the negative self talk and be willing to welcome positive thinking.

Wake up today and try to do just one thing on the list above. Think of that one thing you can do good just for you because you are worth the effort.

Have a great day.


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