How to motivate when you don’t want to exercise

Gosh I am having a moment. So why not blog about it because the struggle is so real. I woke up this morning asking myself, how to motivate yourself when you don’t want to exercise? What a loaded question so early in the morning. Now mind you I am asking this question at 545a. And to think when I saw the time I thought to myself it is late already. I usually wake up at 5am and give myself an hour to be out walking around 6am. But yet here I was already complaining as soon as opened my eyes and saw the time. If I remember correctly I think my thoughts last night were thoughts of justifying my reasons to not walking today.

Just Show Up and Do the Work!

I have been walking everyday for the last 36 days straight. And I still have days when I just want to not do a thing. They say a routine is created after 21 days but I totally disagree with that statement. I think it is at least 90 days before it becomes a habit/routine. So we will see because I am a quarter way through the 90 days. If I take a day off I will come up with ten reasons why I don’t have to walk the next day and so on. A vicious cycle I am always on.

I went to Oregon a couple of weeks ago and I was worried that I would not get up and walk but I did. I was very proud of myself. The first morning we went to watch sunrise at Painted Hills and then we did the four trails through the hills that morning. At the end of the day we went to watch sunset at Smith Rock. I got to say it was so nice to break up my routine of walking in my neighborhood to the trails at Painted Hills. And then the next morning I got up and walked around the rental where we were staying. We were surrounded by farm lands and I thought why not walk around here, dirt roads and gravel. This should be fun!

Smith Rock Oregon

It is okay to ask for help!

On Sunday morning we were checking out of the rental. We stayed up pretty late the night before so I gave myself permission to not go walking. At that time I walked everyday in the month of June, one day off is okay. Unfortunately, the next day I thought of another excuse to not walk. I knew the vicious cycle of excuses were rearing its ugly little head. Everyone has days like this and it is okay to acknowledge these moments but don’t do nothing. You need to push through those moments.

I remember waking up questioning if I should go walking. I told myself stop with the excuses and just go for twenty minutes. Still unmotivated I said to myself, I will just walk to the main road and back. That would be good enough. If I was paying attention I would have done just that, but instead I wasn’t. Next thing you know I started turning down all these dirt roads following my GPS. LOL, you cannot always count on GPS because it will take you right through other peoples properties. After 3.5 miles of walking in 75 degrees I knew I was finally over it. So I called my friend asking to pick me up. I was still about twenty minutes away from the rental.

Now I have to come up with reasons to motivate myself when I do not feel like exercise.

So on that note here are a few ways to motivate when you don’t want to exercise:

Remember the main reason why you started to exercise.

Once you remember keep it front and center in your mind. Hold onto that thought every time your lack of motivation stirs up again.

Remind yourself how you felt after your last workout.

Remembering how good you felt after you exercise is very important. This could help motivate you to jump start your day with some fresh air.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Just do some type of exercise every day. If you take a day off from walking just change it up. Do some yoga or weight training. The most important thing to remember when faced with these type of days is to take a moment then keep moving forward.

Have a great day.


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