How to Make the Right Choice and Avoid Temptation

You start your day and you say to yourself, Today I will make the right choices and avoid temptation. Then you go about your day with high expectations only to be confronted with temptations all around you.

To achieve this goal of making the right choice takes the right tools, great deal of control, and good old self discipline. This is something I have succeeded and failed with many many times. And that is okay because as long as you keep pushing forward you will gain momentum and build up self discipline.

Try these few action steps and visualization tools to help you build your willpower so you can overcome those moments of weakness.

Whatever temptations you are faced with most likely these tools can help.

Visualize what you want to achieve. The End Goal!

By visualizing what it is like to reach that goal can help motivate you to achieve that goal. I created a visual board to help me visualize my goals daily. It reminds me what I am working towards. I keep it right in front of my desk so I am forced to look at it everyday. It is the perfect place for me.

Visualize what would happen if you give in to temptation. The Consequence.

If you visualize what would happen if you gave into that temptation maybe you will think twice before giving in. Ask yourself how would you feel after. I am sure the immediate gratification is what we look for when giving into temptation but the aftermath is something we need to be reminded about.

I know when I stand in front of temptation I think how good it will feel to give in to let’s say that donut. The flavors, the softness can win me over for sure. But the aftermath, the extra pound, the sluggish feeling definitely has my attention now. It took a long time to get to this point but I do have the self discipline now because I worked hard to get here. I am definitely not perfect but I am work in progress. Just because you are visualizing the result of giving into this temptation doesn’t mean you are beating yourself up over the choice but rather helping you make a better choice the next time you are confronted with temptation.

Do you have enough self discipline to achieve this goal?

It takes practice to build up your self discipline. To learn this behavior it will take daily practice and repetition. You must set yourself up for success. Daily affirmations can help build momentum just as well as positive sticky notes placed in areas of temptations. Use them as a reminder of why you are on this journey and why you need to make the right choice. Don’t beat yourself up when you give into temptation just move on and do better next time. Think about why you gave in and what you can do the next time to make the right choice.

Time to change your habits

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Set yourself up for success.

By removing distractions or temptations around your home is a good start. Prep your surroundings with good intentions can help improve your self discipline. Understand that you cannot control certain environments but you can control your choices. You cannot avoid every temptation but if you set yourself up in your space that is a great start.

Prepare for the what if’s.

What if I give into temptation?

What if I am face to face with temptation?

What if I do not give into temptation?

If you prepare a strategy for those moments you can set yourself up to make the right choice in those situations.

The main thing is to not be impulsive. Considering your options before making the final decision. I love the word “Pause” because it gives you that few seconds to consider what you are doing is either the best choice for you or not.

These tips do take practice but if you take the time to work on these every day you will build up self discipline that will help you make the right choice as well as help you avoid temptations.

Have a great day.


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