How to Get Started on Creating a Simple Life

What came to mind when you read that title? How to get started on creating a simple life.

Whatever your first thought was then that might be the first thing you should focus on toward creating a simple life. If the answer was my whole life, well then it is time to write out a list so you can see all the areas you need to simplify in black and white. Then prioritize the list by numbering it most important to least import. To simplify we must face the truth of where we are right now in life.

For years I have had such a chaotic life, never a dull moment, drama around every corner. Struggled to make ends meet, unorganized in every area of my life. My life was completely in a disarray. I knew I had to make a change in every aspect of my life but was overwhelmed because every part of my life was a mess. I had to start somewhere and focus on one area at a time. In my case I decided to focus on my education because I noticed that a degree was needed for the jobs I wanted. In order for me not to struggle I knew it was time to take the leap of faith and go back to school. I figured if I get my degree I could get a better paying job which in turn will help me pay the bills and my son would not have to experience the struggles my daughter experienced. That was the best decision I ever made.

love your life clipboard decor
Do you love your life?

I started to love my life a little bit more because I actually can see the change happening.

That goal was the perfect motivator because I knew I did not want to repeat history. Time for a change.

Where are you in your life right now? Is it time for change? Are you ready?

Decide what you want as a long term goal. Break down that goal into daily tasks then right now from this day moving forward keep your focus on today. Keeping your focus on today will pile up into achieving the main goal.

When I focused on today it lead to seven years later I went from High school degree to my Masters. Best decision ever. Now my home life is the complete opposite of what it once was. It was a long road to get here but I am here. I am no longer struggling like I used to. My life has definitely become less chaotic. Change takes time.

To simplify your life you must face your reality head on.

Basically quiet down the noise to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Simplifying life can take on a different meaning for you. Basically it is choosing what works for you, removing unnecessary things that are not helping you, even letting go of people who make a negative impact on your life, as well as taking a hard look into your life and just becoming clear to help you better understand your truth. You have to change your mindset and just decide that you are done with chaos. Say to yourself, “I do not want to live a chaotic life no more.” Looking at my life it was clear of what was not healthy for me. So I new it was time to change but I also new it was a long road ahead. A plan of action was necessary.

Do you know what is important to you?

To figure out what is important take time and write down everything that comes to mind. Ask yourself what are your values, what are your goals, what is most important and see what appeals to you. Consider even the things that surround you every day. Once you complete the list then choose the most important from the list for you to focus on. Start with what you can handle first then move down the list as you start making changes. Try not take on too much because the last thing you want to happen is you give up. If you feel that way, shake it off and start again until you succeed.

Failure is just a way for you to learn what doesn’t work as you move toward success.

Obstacles are part of life and failure is one big obstacle that you need to learn how to overcome. The only way to do that is shake it off, learn how to pivot around the obstacle and keep moving forward no matter what.

Right now the most important thing for me is focusing on my health and eliminating the remaining clutter from my life. I have neglected my health for years to a point that I gained too much weight and I have health issues. So now it is time to get serious because bottom line I am still alive. As long as I am part of this world living and breathing it is not too late.

Life could be so much simpler if we just reacted instead of creating a thought process. But yet here we are.

I heard that quote from a movie. And it hit me. Why do we have to put so much thought into everything. Why can’t we just take action! Sometimes we get caught up in our head, stuck in our thoughts!

I changed my eating habits on Jan 4 and now here we are May 7th and I have lost 27 lbs. to date. When I compare how I feel and the weight loss to my experience with Atkins and other diets I do notice a difference. The weight loss was much more extreme on the other diets. This time around I only restricted myself from animal products, dairy, and oils but not flour, pasta and seeds. I figure I will lose the weight gradually which I am okay with. I feel like I am plateauing so I need to step up my game a bit more. Mainly just to test out how my body reacts when I eliminate high calorie density foods.

Are you ready to get started today in creating a simple life.

I want to create a solid routine to achieve each day to help align my life with simplicity.

black and gold spiral notebook
Put yourself first and start creating a simple life. You deserve it!

For example first thing in the morning I make my bed then journal a few pages. This so far has been a routine that I do not take lightly. It took a long time for me to build this routine. Now I need to add walking to the routine. I want that to become second nature just like making my bed in the morning. These may be small routines but you have to start somewhere. Creating habits take time and some stick while others do not. Do not give up even if you fail, just get up and keep moving forward.

What ways can you take back control of your life?

I was reading this blog by this lady Megan and really liked her take on simplifying life. The ten reasons she mentioned on her blog is exactly what I am working on. You should take a moment to read Megan’s blog at I can relate to the juggle of work and family life. It is amazing how we multi-task. I have made the Herby Tahini Sauce and used that for a salad, very delicious. Megan mentions some other great recipes on this post that I will definitely try minus using oil.

Getting creative can help simplify your life.

I definitely am getting very creative with my cooking now that I have been only cooking vegan meals. Most meals come out perfect while others are trial and error. Just need to remind myself to keep it simple.

As I focus on what I can do today to help simplify my life I will do the following suggested by Megan.

Clean up the kitchen and put things away after every meal.

I try to maintain an empty sink every night before I leave the kitchen. I was good for awhile but found myself falling into bad habits. Next thing you know I am cleaning up the kitchen in the morning. I do not like that. So I need to force myself to get back into this habit because I love waking up in the morning to a clean kitchen.

Get rid of things I have not used in one year.

This one is going to be difficult for me since I am a crafter. I collect things. Letting go is really hard so this one will definitely be challenging.

Create morning and evening routines.

Be consistent with these routines. No excuses, just get it done. By creating routines that you complete everyday you will turn into a habit that you do not think about because it is just part of your routine.

Weekly meal prep.

Since I have started on this vegan journey, I noticed that I get into meal prepping on Sunday’s. So far this has been working well. I mostly cook my starches for a few days because I am not a fan of reheating cooked vegetables.

Create a plan for focusing on certain areas of the home daily, weekly, and monthly. If I just spend 10-15 minutes a day on a project it will add up. I will share it with you when I finish. In the meantime check out Squirrellyartmama’s Free Nuggets to help you get started.

self care isn t selfish signage
Set aside time for self care.

Remember small changes each day result in big changes in the long run.

Have a great day!


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