How to Create the Vision you want

How can you create the vision you want? Isn’t that such a loaded question? Do you know what you even want for your future? Gosh with so many unknowns it is so hard to focus right now. Did you ever hear the saying,

“You are where you are supposed to be right now”.

If that is the case then I can confirm it was a long road to get here but I have arrived to the vision I had over ten years ago. I am not going to lie it was a hard and bumpy road but I stayed focus on my goal. I am where I am supposed to be at right now. Back then my life was pretty much falling completely apart. I was in a terrible place in my life and I knew I wanted to change my life. I did not want to struggle financially nor did I want to be in a toxic relationship.

Well happy to report I achieved that vision. Of course with achieving my vision I did have to sacrifice a few things to get here. Sacrifice is a given if you want something so badly. Hopefully the sacrifice is not extremely huge where you cannot make up for it sometime in the future.

Unfortunately I was not that person who had their lives mapped out but rather I was that person who just focused on the here and now.

If you work hard, keep the visualization, and focus on those dreams you too can create the vision you want.

When you want it so bad you will do most anything to achieve it. The key is to remain focus on the end result.

My vision of my future growing up was way different then how I was living. It took me a long time before I woke up and realized that I cannot do this anymore. I want more. I knew what I did not want so I worked hard to make sure that I would never go back this time around. Once I got rid of the ugly I was able to see things a bit more clearer.

I am so happy that my daughter doesn’t think like me. Yes she had her fair share of parties but she is way more grounded then I was at her age. Probably thanks to me she knew exactly what she did not want in her life. I did something right by her. Just looking at the positive. 🙂

Create a vision for your life and work hard to get it.

This is my first official vision board that I created showing things I want to do and see happen in my future. Some are for this year while others extend out to several years. Super excited how it came out.

Doreen's Vision Board 2021
Some of the pictures on this board came from the Internet. Thank you to the photographers, artists, and authors who share their designs. Each one spoke out to me in so many ways.

This year for me it is all about clarity, consistency, and creating. On the Squirrellymamas chatter podcast we talked about creating a vision board of what we want to see in our future. What a fun project since I really never created one with the focus of it being what I want to see in my future.

While reading the Artist Way by Julia Cameron there was a task to create a vision board of what you are drawn too. The featured image and the one below spoke to me. I love everything about them.

Here is one of my visions of what inspires me. It is showing the calm of the water, the foliage and the tea….a moment of quiet please. haha

Creating a vision board can inspire this creativity.

Even In the past I have cut out magazines stuck them on my cork board or into my inspiration journal that I created just for things that inspire me. But you see the inspiration journal only comes out when I want to add to it. So what is the point of that right?Like right now I am thinking it should remain on my desk for me to view the pages everyday but it is not. Hmmm something to think about.

A friend mentioned she was considering to do it digitally instead of cutting out of magazines. What a great idea! I don’t have as many magazines subscriptions anymore so the Internet opens it up to way more images. Well that got me excited! .

Creativity comes from within.

I designed a letter size visual board, printed it and now it is right in front of me at my desk as well as one of my screen savers. It definitely lifts my spirit and helps me gain momentum toward my goals.

Why not challenge yourself to create a vision board.

Digital style or paper. Love them both. It was a lot of fun gathering the pictures on the Internet and being creative with the board. Got to say it is already helping me stay on track.

  • Take some time decide on the goals you want to achieve in the next month, year, or even in five years.
  • Then start going through magazines or even the Internet and find inspiration.
  • Layout your board with the images and watch how real it becomes.
  • Place it somewhere you get to look at it everyday. It literally will make you feel really great to actually see it on paper right in front of you.

If you need help with goal setting I have a free goal setting guide to kickstart your new focus.

Let the planning begin!

Click on this link to get your free goal setting guide.

Next thing is just to get started. Do not let the time pass without focusing on your end result.

Art is all over the place.

Happy New Years. Have a great day.


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