How to Choose the Right Diet

How does someone choose the right diet for themselves? Deciding on which diet will work is something that can really drive you nuts. There are so many books, videos, and websites filled with telling you that this or that is the best diet. Information overload for sure. Each diet promises you that if you follow the diet you will lose weight. Although that may be true you may lose weight but keeping it off will take work.

I was in the bookstore looking around and I came across the cookbook section and the health and fitness section. It is so intimidating. Where do you even begin.

What I have learned through the many diets I have tried, the quicker you lose the weight on these diets the minute you stray from it, the quicker you will gain it back and then some. One cheat meal turns into a cheat day, then a cheat week and before you know it, it has been a cheat month. Gosh been there done that.

With all this information how do you choose the right diet?

You should ask yourself:

Can I eat this way forever?

Forever is a long time. A few factors must be considered before you choose which one is right for you such as:

  • Talk to your doctor and discuss the many diet plans you are considering before starting.
  • Ask yourself if you would rather small meals versus three big meals.
  • Do you like fruits and vegetables and whole grain?
  • What did you not like about previous diets?
  • Are you choosing the diet based off of losing weight or health issues?
  • How flexible is this diet?
  • Ask yourself why do I want to lose weight so bad?
  • What is the driving force that will keep you focused on the end goal?
  • What is your end goal and why do you want it so bad?
  • Do I really want to be on another diet or do I need to change my mindset to make this my new lifestyle.
  • Can I live with this long term?
  • Always remember you can do anything you set your mind out to do.

So many questions to consider which these are just a few. Basically, choose the plan that you can live with. Make a lifestyle change not go on a diet. And what I mean about that is make healthier choices. Eat a balanced meal. Do not indulge in junk food. Eat less processed food and of course exercise. And don’t forget the biggest thing of all:

Be Kind to Yourself!

The best way to choose the right diet is to do your research. Take your time to learn what will work best for you.

Have a great day.


Why not seek help through books. You can get lost in the books at a book store and now people are self publishing which you will find on Amazon and not in the bookstores. And sometimes we need to seek within to help us make better choices. Reading self improvement books may be the key to a mind shift.

How to choose the right diet for you may be one way of asking but is there another? From Fat to Free: How to End Your Toxic Relationship with Food

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