How to Build a DIY Water Fountain using Pots

While visiting with a friend in her yard I was admiring her rock waterfall. The sound of the water trickling down just gave me this calming feeling. I loved it so much that I just knew at that moment I need to hear this same sound in my backyard. That is when I got to thinking it is time for a DIY project. So I said to myself how do I build a DIY water fountain using pots. I figured that would be easier than trying to drill through rocks. That was my theory at least.

So the next week I went to Home Depot and purchased three different size terra cotta pots with trays. Of course I got carried away and wanted it to stand pretty tall. I decided I was going to do an acrylic pour. Well that turned out to be a bust. I just was not liking the colors so I stopped midstream.

I let it sit there for a week until I decided on spraying the pots with a charcoal type rock paint. Six cans later I was not feeling the color at all. So I decided to let this project sit for almost another two weeks until I decided what I wanted to do.

17in Terra Cotta Pot with tray

10in. terra cotta pot with tray

4in. terra cotta pot with tray

First I drilled holes in three of the trays. The fourth tray is used for the bottom of the water fountain. Next I sealed the hole of the big pot using a tea light tin and E6000 glue. Next I sprayed the pots with a terra cotta pot water sealer. Let that sit for twenty four hours and sprayed it again. After trying several different paints I ended up with a bright orange, green, blue, red, and brown acrylic paints. I wanted to go with a more vintage color so I used a mahogany stain to streak the bright colors.

The last coat was an acrylic glossy spray that protects the paint from the sun and seals the paint as well.

I loved the way it came out. I still feel like I need to make a few adjustments to the topper and the rocks. But I got what I wanted and that was a Water Fountain in my yard. I love sitting outside listening to the sounds of water dripping. And oh yea my dogs love it too. Glad I glued pieces together just in case.

Have a great day.

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