How to Break Bad Habits for Good Habits

Have you ever wondered why you keep choosing the bad habit over a good habit?

Why can’t I just stop! I know it is bad for me to keep doing that but I continue to do it anyway. How do you break bad habits for good ones?

Now that is a great question! And I am sure even if you answered that question you may still do that bad habit because you found a way to justify doing it at that moment. I will allow myself to bite one nail but cannot touch the others. LOL. Been there done that. I will make my bed later today.

two short coated gray and brown puppies lying on white textile
When the bed is made even the furry pets are happy.
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In order for you to break a bad habit you must replace a bad habit for a good habit. To do this you should go through the following steps to help you with the process.

Or better yet, a bad habit would be letting the animals sleep in your bed. A new good habit is they sleep in a doggie bed.

dalmatian on pet bed
A place they can call their own!
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  • Identifying the triggers can help you develop a better habit from the existing habit. You can do this by using the habit tracker I am linking below.
  • Identify why you want to rid yourself of this bad habit.
  • Replace the bad habit with a good habit.
  • Make a plan on when you intend to replace the bad habit with a good one.
  • Once you identify the triggers, stop them before you fall back into the habit
  • Choose a healthy reward for a job well done! Be proud of what you accomplish and let go of any setbacks. Instead learn from them.

Now this is advice I so need to do myself. And yes life is a rollercoaster. The struggle is real. I have gotten better on being kind to myself for slip ups but there are times not so much.

The one thing I try to remember is that bad habits are built from years of repetitive behavior and it became just part of my routine. So to break this habit will take work.

Here is one habit that I will be focusing on from this day forward. How long do you think it takes to build a good habit. I would say at least three months to make it stick. Some say 21 days but I know I have tested this out and failed after that short period. I guess it depends on the individual.

person in blue denim jeans and white sneakers walking on road
A much needed habit to form. Photo by Daniel Reche on

You are worth the challenge. Just be honest with yourself and make the change for you!

Have a great day!


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