How to begin your Creative Journey

With all that is going on in our world right now, have you stopped and ask yourself what if? What if more jobs are lost including mine, what will I do? How can I pivot if the world continues on this path? What can I do to change my outcome? I am sure I am not the only one asking these questions. How can you begin your journey to find your creative side. The next questions may be, Am I even creative? How can I be creative? What does it actually mean “creative”. Can it just be a way to tune out the noise and put the focus back on ourselves. I know we need a distraction. We need to reach within ourselves to find our happy place.

What better way than to do it creatively. Life is all about the journey. I have been trying different ways to be creative. Some new techniques I enjoyed a lot and will incorporate them as I move forward. How else are you going to know what you like and what you do not. The most important thing to know is you keep trying. Creativity has many shapes, what does yours look like?

You may think art is not your forte, then what is? Do you like to build things? Write? DIY projects? Encourage others? Gaming? Spend time recording TikTok videos? Each of these is a creative outlet. You just have to come up with an idea and if you enjoy it run with it. You never know where it may take you.

One thing I notice is that I love a variety of mediums to play with. I struggle with narrowing down what I enjoy the most. Why do I have too? Why can’t I just enjoy a variety? I do not think there is anything wrong with it.

My creative journey took me through dye sublimation.  Love it.  Here are coasters and Mousepads with my custom designs
As you can see a variety of products that I have designed. Now how can you pick one, hmm?

Looking back on the past ten years this type of work is what I have been doing. And now I feel like I am on a shift again, looking to change it up.

Remembering my Passion

Looking back on my creative journey I realized it began at a very young age without even knowing it. I love to draw, paint, doodle, craft, and cut paper just for fun. I remember I loved to paint shells we found on the beach. We would load the shells in a milk crate and head down to the street corner and sit there selling them to people. I always enjoyed arts and crafts, bead making, and even a lemonade stand. Or maybe it was the selling I enjoyed too. People do support the child entrepreneur.

I loved the comics in the Sunday paper. I would take every Peanuts comic strip and cut it up and glue it in a book. LOL. I would take the words within the comic strip and cut out to use as quotes over pictures. Guess you would call that the beginning stages to scrapbooking.

Mini DIY notebooks is another part of the creative journey process.
I was playing with mini notebooks, paper, stamps, markers, and glitter. I could not stop at one!

After I left home to move to Hawaii I got caught up in life. And now for the past ten or more years I have been on this journey to find where I am most creative. Always learning, practicing, and playing around with crafts and mixed media. It is all about the journey isn’t it?

To be Creative is a Willingness to Explore

There is nothing wrong with finding your creative side. To be creative is to think outside the box. The willingness to take a chance. I love that. Challenge yourself to do something new! Find your passion through the creative process.

You can find many different ways to be creative and the key is to just take action. I used my journal as an outlet to help find where I was lacking. I have been journalling on and off for a couple of years now and it has helped me find my way back onto the creative path. Daily journaling has become my daily ritual which I am happy to report it helps clear my mind and organize my thoughts.

These tips are what I do to help me on my creative journey.

  1. Learn something new everyday.
  2. Be open to explore different creative outlets
  3. Take time for yourself to enhance your abilities.
  4. Time blocking is a way to set a specific time to focus on being creative without interruption.
  5. I say a good brain dump may help the process! Take some time, sit down with a piece of paper, and write down things you want to try and what you are passionate about.
  6. Focus, commitment, and just giving yourself the permission is key.

I truly believe everyone is creative. Creativity is how you see it. It is different for everyone. The creative process can help build confidence, peace, and fulfillment. It can transform your life if you just be open and welcome the journey.

Leading my kids into their creative journey
My kids and I took some time out and painted these.

What a great feeling to see the results of all your hard work.

Remember art is all over the place and it is up to you to put your stamp on it to make it your own.

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Have a great day.


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