How to Begin the Process of Intuitive Painting

It has been a couple of months since we did a painting challenge. So to kick start our painting challenge for the year I suggested intuitive painting. I think the response was what is intuitive painting and how do I even begin the process.

Intuitive painting gives us the freedom to practice creatively, exploring within ourselves and just create without judgement. Allowing our heart to guide us through the process freely versus a reference photo. You never know where it will end up if you just allow the flow to happen.

We needed an opportunity to get our hands dirty with paint. Just you and your brush and a clear mind.

Learning the process of intuitive painting you must trust your intuition. Let go and enjoy the freedom of expression. Intuitive painting is a process that is not really about the end product it is more about the journey.

A perfect example of freely painting and enjoying the process is in the first four photos.

Little artist Mikaiah just having fun and playing with paint. Now this is a true example of intuitive painting. He does not care about the results or the techniques but rather he is enjoying the way the paint feels in his hands and how it brings color to paper.

Darlene’s Intuitive Painting “Waves” using watercolor gouache
Doreen’s rendition of her intuitive painting using acrylics

I knew I wanted these colors but I stood in front of this canvas for quite some time, nervous about putting the first streak of paint on the white canvas. Once I got started I could not stop. I used a brush for a while and then took my hand to it.

Doreen’s “Shorelines” Acrylic paint, sand, shells, and stickles.
This one started out going to be flowers but the colors changed how I wanted this to go and the next thing I realized this layout appeared. So I added some sand, beach shells and beach glass to achieve this final result.
Renee’s version of Intuitive Painting ” It’s so bright”.

Renee used watercolor and mixed media to create her intuitive painting.

Each one of these paintings started with no vision in site. Looking at a blank canvas/paper wondering what we will end up with helps us rely on what our heart is telling us to do first and next. No reference photos used just the idea of what we wanted to create using brushes, supplies, and even our hands. All we know is when that first drop of paint lands on the paper, it begins.

You never know where art will take you. Add a little pen to your painting and it transforms into something totally different.

Continue to connect with your art and allow the process to take shape. Enjoy the process and remember art is all over the place.

Have a great day.


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