How to Become Motivated and Creative even after Surgery

This past week has been a restless week. Feeling this way after a major surgery and the medication has definitely had an affect on me, and I am going stir crazy. I know I needed to relax for a few days and I did that. Now I am getting restless and I feel like it is time to get motivated. Surgery was on Friday and the weekend was hard. This surgery definitely took its toll. My stomach was very sore and I did like the doctor said and that was take it easy and rest. Recovery time is about a week of rest and taking it easy. Since I work from home I only have one more day of this restlessness and anxious feeling, then back to work because I am not one for sitting around.

We owe it to ourselves to give ourselves grace.

I need to keep reminding myself of that statement. Thankfully the plant based living was the best thing I could do to prepare for this type of surgery. After you have your gall bladder removed you should stay away from fatty foods. Apparently your body does not like fatty foods anymore after removing your gall bladder. Good to know. I am sure there will be a lot to learn about the after surgery, and in time I will learn it all through how my body reacts to certain foods. I got say this is another positive thing about being on a plant based diet.

For some reason after surgery you go through a surge of emotions. This past year of multiple surgeries I definitely am noticing patterns in my mood and physical self. Some of the symptoms I noticed are:

  • restlessness
  • short attention span
  • fatigue
  • sleepless nights
  • lack of motivation and creativity
  • stress, anxious, irritable, and guilt

Gosh I guess I can go on from there. But that is enough of that. Most of this I felt before my surgery but it takes on new shapes after surgery. I really did not think I was going to have much pain since I was comparing it to my last surgery. No two surgeries are alike, learned that the hard way.

I need to be more kind to myself. Accept what I went through was major and that it is okay to be out of commission to recover.

This is serious:

Bottom line, tomorrow is a new day!

One more day further away from the pain, I hope! One more day toward getting better.

The key to motivation is to keep going.

Especially after surgery you need to take baby steps!

  • Get up and move, even if it is just for a little while. Each day will get better if you keep moving, no matter how hard it is now, it will get better. Definitely learned this the hard way. After I had my knee surgery I did not get up and move as much as I should have although I thought I did. I paid the price with having to go in for manipulation. No fun there.
  • When you get out of bed you feel empowered. Although it can be painful, do it when you are ready. The key is to move a little each day. Even get up take a shower and change your clothes. You will feel so much better.

Feels like you have a purpose. You are on a mission!

  • Do a little something more each day and it will get you motivated.
open book on white table in library
Just enjoy your quiet time. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on
  • Journal. I cannot stress this enough. Journaling is definitely something I will never stop doing. It has helped me dump out the ugly thoughts and rewrite those thoughts into a positive outlook. It is my quiet time that is so important to help me focus on what I can do today.
  • Step up and push yourself to do one project each day to help you snap out of it.
  • Set realistic goals. Even if they are small, a goal is a goal.
  • Allot time out of your day to focus on your project aka goal.
  • Keep it real. Start small and work up to the larger projects. Don’t be unrealistic with the amount you put on your plate for the day.

Embrace small victories. Believe that each day will get better.

This past week I have been taking it easy by not overly exhausting myself. I kept up with journaling and sketching on my iPad. It is very therapeutic.

As a result of putting less pressure on yourself you may find that you are more creative and motivated. Just enjoy what you are doing. Stop being hard on yourself. Just be you on a mission.

On that note, have a great day.


Remember art is all over the place. Take it in and enjoy what is right in front of you.

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