How to be Creative to Improve your Personal Development

It has been one of those weeks I find myself asking, “How to be creative all the time to improve my personal development”. I have been in a funk for the past week now. Thinking back to last month my moods were completely different. I was reading the book “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron and it helped me get unblocked. I was painting more, drawing, designing and creating products. Each week it got me so inspired and really helped me to move forward with my art. In some respect the book has helped unblock my creative flow and my view on how I look at things. For that I am so grateful.

We must actively, consciously, consistently, and creatively nurture our artist selves.

The Artist Way, Julia Cameron

I am considering reading it again because sometimes you gain a different perspective second time around. I think in one way I completely changed in my perspective and on the same note have not changed at all. Go figure!

Every person has a creative side. Dig deep and embrace it.

A few weeks after reading the book I find myself losing my creative motivation. Not sure why. A lot of personal stuff has been happening which definitely sidetracked my thoughts but I need to remember that I must practice my self care no matter what I am going through. I do keep up with the morning pages religiously but have not done an artist date in awhile nor have I really picked up my paintbrush or done a craft project.

Getting distracted, losing focus, uninspired, depressed, plus a lack of motivation has been at the forefront of my days. I remember reading how some creatives go through a drought spell. When you feel like everything you do is forced and you have nothing to say or share. This was my life this past week. I just sit there with a blank stare and no motivation. Have you ever felt that way? Hard to snap out of it, right?

“Stop thinking and talking about it and there is nothing you will not be able to know”.

Zen Paradigm

I thought to myself just make something. So I went in my craft room and started looking at my scraps when I came across this bird and that face. It spoke to me. So I decided to finish him up and make a card out of him. Even though at that moment I could relate to that facial expression, the words fit “It’s a Good Day”. When it was done he made me smile and I felt good I just finished a card. All it takes is just doing to achieve a different outlook.

How being creative can help personal development
Even if you feel a bit down keep thinking, It’s a good day!

Part of the Journey

I realized the book was my first chapter in creative unblocking. I have a long road ahead of me. The one thing that I have done consistently is my journaling no less than three pages each day since September. I will continue the morning pages to check in with myself, and I will not beat myself up for how I am feeling. Instead I will use my morning pages to dig deeper to the child within. To find myself and create new ideas to help develop new habits that will ignite my creative passion.

“Adventures don’t begin until you get into the forest. The first step is an act of faith”.

Mickey Hart, Grateful Dead Drummer

Igniting your creative passion does take an act of faith. You need to relinquish control and just let it happen. We are all human and will have good days and bad days. It is a matter of recognizing the bad days and creating tools that can help you out of those bad moments. Bottom line, when you feel all those emotions you have to force yourself to get out of bed and snap out of it. It reminds me of the saying, “Fake it till you make it.”

The blocked artist spends energy on self-doubt, self-hatred, regret, jealousy, grief internally but they are not lazy, just blocked.

The Artist Way, Julia Cameron

I understand I am trekking through a drought right now. Forcing myself to get out of bed, to fake a smile, and just do something, even if it is little something. As long as I do something it will help me get out of this funk. It too shall pass. Droughts will end. And through my daily journaling I will find a new way to deal with these dark moments.

How will being creative help with personal development?

  • When you do something you enjoy doing, you become engaged in that moment. Everything else stands still and time can escape us.
  • The world around you goes quiet and you are connecting with yourself.
  • Our child within comes out to play.
  • The stress, anxiousness, and depression subsides
  • Something new is presented to us and it changes our perspective.
  • No thinking involved, just doing. A moment of being present.
  • We feel better, stronger, proud, and rejuvenated.

Think about when you are being creative. Can you relate to what I mentioned above? I do. When you take action and start being creative you find yourself and you have a new pep in your step again.

Personal development strengthens by improving your:

  • self awareness
  • self-esteem
  • skillset and talent
  • self-knowledge
  • health
  • quality of life
  • and so much more….

Remember to embrace the bad days just as you would the good days. Don’t beat yourself up. Just look at your moment and ask yourself how can I shift this into a positive. What can I do right now to make it better?

Be Creative!

Here are some of the products I designed for other people. I realize when I am being in my creative space I am happy. That explains so much for me.

Art is all over the place.

Take time for yourself. Find your inner child and have some fun. You deserve all the happiness.

Have a great day.


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