How Quickly do you Notice Weight Loss

That is the question of the day. And when I ask that question the answer usually ends up being, how quickly you notice weight loss depends on the individual. Don’t you dread that answer. I want specifics like It depends on your starting weight, the type of diet and how well you do on that diet. If you do not cheat and you stay true to the diet you can feel a little different within a week. Well that is from my experience.

Generally the first part of your weight loss is water weight. For me I felt less bloated immediately and after about a week I just felt so much better. I just started exercising this month. The last two months my goal was to just focus on my diet and once I had that part down then I would start focusing on my exercising. This diet or more like my new lifestyle change is now a plant based diet which was the best choice for me and my health issues.

Now I am on the 3rd month and I am proud to say I have lost 25lbs. That is substantial for me I think. When I did the Atkins diet I dropped weight fast. Overall I lost 50+ lbs in less than 6 months. But then I got relaxed and next thing you know I was gaining it all back. This yo-yo dieting has cost me so much this far I am just tired of going up and down in my weight.

I am looking forward to this journey as permanent.

Creating meals has been fun and creative for me. How many ways can you cook vegetables. I do not feel as restricted as the other diets but I do notice how often I reached for the butter, oil, and eggs. Missing eggs in the morning has been a void but I must move on. It is not the same to take chia and flax seed and make scrambled eggs. I think not.

My go to has either been a smoothie, bananas, oatmeal, or potatoes, peppers and onions. I am definitely work in progress because I should be having a 50/50 plate of potatoes and less starchy veggies at every meal. The key for me is learning a whole new way of eating right and making the right foods. Bottom line I am not starving, and my cravings have been close to none.

This past week was my birthday so the challenge was to bake a cake with no egg, no butter, no oil. To think my favorite is buttercream frosting. How does one master that. Ha! Maybe the next birthday. This cake came out rich and delicious! All it asked was oil but we replaced it with applesauce. You would not know it if you tried the cake.

I woke up to my bathroom sprawled with this festive message, balloons all over the hallway and streamers decorating my bedroom and bathroom door. Fun! Well not at 5am in the dark. LOL. I walked ever so slowly to the bathroom. My birthday was perfect. Took the day off and spent it with my family. A low key kind of day. I am very proud of myself for not straying from my diet.

How fun is this TP. Apparently you can put any kine message on the toilet paper. What a fun gag gift I thought I would share with you.

Remember if you want to lose weight just focus on the here and now. Do not worry about how long, or what you are missing out on, instead just focus on the current meal. Make the best choice for that meal and go from there.

If you do that for every meal and you start working out you will see a difference. I will keep you posted on my journey.

Have a great day! And today is Happy St. Patricks Day to you~


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