How does one bring back Focus

That is the question of the day! How does one bring back focus?

I have been struggling with this for quite some time. I guess the big questions is why did I lose focus? What caused me to lose focus?

I think for me my big loss of focus started right after my total knee replacement in March. I have been struggling this lack of focus for some time. I completely lost my focus. With COVID playing a part in the distraction I would have thought I could take advantage of the time indoors and get things done.

Before this I was painting and crafting almost everyday. I thought for sure that after surgery with all that time off I was going to have ample time to get back into painting.

Well wake up call it was. I had no motivation to do anything. All I could think about was my pain which is understandable because It was a big surgery.

After a couple of months I tried pushing myself to pick up a paint brush or even a pen but I did not have that much focus. I would doodle for short periods but for some reason I lost my motivation to do anything. I was experiencing short attention span at its finest.

Now we are months after surgery and my knee is better than it was but it still stiff and swollen. They say it will take about a year before the pain goes away and the swelling will go down. On a good note I am back upstairs in my room, so yay!!! Got to look at the bright side!

I did start painting a little bit more, and some drawing but I do it all sitting on my bed. I have a large craft room that I have not found the motivation to go into that room and do any types of crafts.

Right before surgery I was in production finishing up a big order in my craft room but instead of straightening up the craft room I turned out the lights and next day went into surgery. Never to look back until now!

So here I sit thinking about how I have not been in my craft room since before the surgery. I mean, I do go into the room put things in there and take a few things out but I cannot find my motivation to stay in there and clean up and get things back on track.

So how does one bring back the focus? How does one find the motivation to get back into crafting and painting? I feel like I not only lost my focus but my motivation to do anything. I used my surgery and COVID as an excuse to not move nor eat healthy. So now I am feeling it all around. Definitely has taken its toll. It’s like I hit a depression that has effected all parts of my life. I guess we are all feeling different emotions because of COVID. We each handle it in different ways. Mine was total shut down!

I think the only way for me to regain my focus and motivation is to actually force myself to do a little at a time. Maybe if I do that then I will find the motivation to follow through with the whole room. I really want to change it up, clean it up, and completely reorganize the room. Do you think that is why I am not able to focus? Because of the chaos, the un-organization? Could be!

If I am to be completely honest then I will say that my craft room is not the only unorganized spot in my house. So I got some work to do. For me to bring my focus back I will need to work on one area at a time, get reorganized and then I should find my motivation to start crafting again.

So this weekend I will create a list of what needs to be done for each room. I will most likely start in my craft room and work from there. Just doing a little bit each day will help me achieve my goal. I still feel overwhelmed so if I can commit to 15 minutes to start, and then go from there.

I have another surgery coming up in August so I better get busy.

I haven’t done an art challenge in awhile so I must get on that too. From this post I figure I need to create a new routine, get organize, make healthier choices, and just get back into something I love to do…and that is creating something!

Ok on that note have a great weekend!




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