How we did on the Halloween Art Challenge

The idea for this challenge was to create a character from a Halloween Movie. Have fun and get creative.

Halloween Art Challenge

When talking with my sister I was struggling with ideas. I wanted to try something more in the mixed media craft type project. She didn’t sound like she was on board with my crazy ideas. LOL. Yes I can get carried away.

I still want to do something like a craft project with things around the house. We will see if everyone else is on board. I guess I will know that they read this post and texted me they are up for the challenge. With the holidays coming, why not! Not sure what the next challenge is going to be but it will come to me.

We discussed different themes and then just as we decided on a Halloween theme my friend texted me and asked if we were going to do a challenge and maybe we should do a Halloween theme. Well there you have it! Done. Here we are two weeks later.

I figured the challenge would be easy enough and two weeks will give everyone plenty of time. Well I have been so busy that I started to panic when I realized I only had a few days left. I was so undecided on what character to paint. So many great Halloween movies.

Then I got the first submission and I could not believe it I was going to do the same one. So I decided to do something different and I painted it on Saturday.

Here are the submissions as they came in for this Halloween Art Challenge. Once again I can’t thank you enough for doing these challenges with me. I so enjoy each and everyone’s submissions. I can’t believe the artwork! So much fun and creativity!!!! Love it….

Zekiah did Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare before Christmas”. He used ink and markers. Great Job Zekiah!
Haley did the Wicked Witch of the East at a young age before she became the evil witch. LOL. Love it! She used ink and pencil to create this adorable image.
Do you know this character? Thats right “Casper the Friendly Ghost”. Looks like Renee used ink and markers to create her Halloween character. Great Job!
I love this movie! From left to right, Mary, Winifred, and Sarah Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. Darlene used water colors and some stamping. Look at her getting creative! Great Job.
Can you name this character? Emily from “The Corpse’s Bride”. I used watercolor paint and some ink to create this painting.
Halloween Art Challenge

Ghost face from Scream! This is actually a card Darlene sent my son for his birthday. It was perfect to add to this challenge since it is a character from a movie. I just am so surprised that she painted this only because she does not like scary movies! Haha! Watercolor painting
The Nun by Kolina scary movie 🎥 designed using ink, pencil, and markers. Great sketch!
Tony Tony Chopper in One Piece, Anime Show sketch by Grady using pencils and markers. Love the creativity! Good job

Happy Halloween. Stay safe and healthy….


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