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Greeting Cards

I have made random cards through the years but never really got into it full speed.  I met this lady that moved over from Oklahoma and she was a stamper. She came to work with us in Hawaii and she is just a burst of energy.  With her southern accent and her perky personality she introduced me to the world of stamping at a whole different level.  In the past I have made a few things with shells, and glass but now I can see so much more that I can do.

Once she showed me her cards which by the way are so adorable, I got all excited and wanted to jump in and play around.  My goal in making different crafts is to somehow incorporate into my products.  And I did just that.

Do you ever realize when you get excited about something you jump in and go nuts….I spent so much money on stamps, die cuts, ink, pencils, paints, embellishments, and so many other things.  It was easy to do because I am addicted to crafts.  So now to use everything I have hahaha  will take me along time. That’s ok because I know I will use everything.

I just had to have it all.  hahaha…..this is my choice of drug….crafting…love it!!!!

I used stamps, shells, sea glass, and many other different things to create cards that I loved and shared with others.

Here is some of the cards I have made in the past using different mediums and embellishments.  So much fun making these cards.  This has trailed off to my sister and we started doing different challenges.  Thanks to Thao it helped me play around with things I never have done.

Now I create cards instead of buying them.  So if I look at all my purchases I can justify having everything.  I make cards to sell and give out during holidays.  A win-win situation!

Although, I do have to say a small 4 ” x 6″ card could take me 1 hr to 10 hrs to get through.  You can get so caught up in the design.  I can’t even tell you how many cards I have made only to toss them and start over.  Guess that is part of the process.  You know when you are done by the feeling you get when you look at the card.





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