Artist Way Week 6 Recovering a Sense of Abundance

Recovering a sense of abundance, is the topic for this past week’s reading. It is a continuous sound of chipping at the oak tree to see where it all started. Something I feel should be left alone and instead just appreciate how it is still standing. But sometimes if we go back to the roots you will be surprise to see where it all started. Address it head on and stop running away from this one. I just have to accept and embrace the change just so I can continue my path toward a more creative side.

Each week the chapters are spot on and in-tune with what I need to address. How you portray yourself is so important. Julia Cameron the author of The Artist Way approaches this topic in a different way. She has you do exercises that gives you an insight of how you look at things. In this chapter one of the exercises was called Money Madness. How appropriate. You complete the phrases she suggests with your first thought. Here are a few:

  • People with money are?
  • Money makes people?
  • I’d have more money if?
  • Money equals?
  • If I had money, I’d?
  • Money is?
  • Money causes?
  • I think money?
  • When I have money, I usually?
  • Having money is not?

There were 20 questions asked in different ways.

I answered the questions so quickly to avoid me sugar coating my answers. What I realized after that exercise was the issues surrounding money some positive but some negative. Money has affected my life up in different ways.

Have you ever sat down and looked at how you feel about money? Give it a try! Answer those questions. Everyone owes it to themselves to take a moment to explore their feelings about money. After you have done that, take another moment and remove money out of the picture. Now look around and see if you can recognize other types of abundance in your life. When I did look at it in that way my answers were way more on the positive side, appreciative no resentment.

How to find creativity through the the process.

The other tasks in the book addresses the natural abundance to help spark your creative side. One was finding interesting rocks to help be a constant reminder, and flowers to press in a book as a way to play creatively. I love that because this time of year, those fall leaves are gorgeous. It continues with clearing the clutter that blocks you, and even getting creative with your healthier side of eating, and even reaching out to those you love and remind them you are still thinking of them. While clearing the clutter I came across some stones that I have kept.

So far this book is helping me view life in a different way.

I feel so energized by the reading each week and this week is no different.

All in timing!

I am far from perfect and that is ok, baby steps forward will provide new outcomes. I do have a full time job plus I take time to play with my creative side. Growing in that area is such an amazing adventure. I am learning so much about me through what I create. I want to share that joy with others and I do that by presenting art challenges with anyone who wants to join in.

Talk about perfect timing. The beginning of November I am asked to write down everything I spend for the next month so I can see how I spend. Something I have been putting off but now it is an exercise from the book.

I am an impulse buyer so it should be interesting to see how this turns out. Yikes. For this to work I need to continue doing what I do to gain a realistic view of my impulse buying, but yet on the other hand I want to control my shopping so it is not to overwhelming when it is time to review my spending habits. I know they are bad and I do have a shopping problem. Funny thing it is better than it was last year.

Progress not perfection!

This month I will continue to focus on my creative side and stay out of the stores. Shall be hard since the holidays are upon us. LOL.

Peeling back the onion is what I am doing and finding so many more layers to inspect.

I continue to do my morning pages without missing a day, so far so good there. I spent time wandering around a few stores on my own as my artist date. Proud to say it was browsing only no purchases! LOL.

As for synchronicity I realized the issues I have with money then on the other hand I got a raise. Not bad and not sure if that is synchronicity but I will take it and run with it.

This creative journey I am on seems to be a process that I am building from. I wanted to change, clear clutter, out with the old in with the new So I shut down the shop to change it up a bit. Eventually I will start sharing my shop again but for now I just wanted to write so you can get to know where I came from, who I am, and where I am going from here. Only time will tell and I am so excited to what It prevails.

If you want to check out the book which I highly recommend go check out Amazon. Pretty decent price right now!

If you need a template to help you track your expenses, please download your FREE EXPENSE TRACKER.

Artist Way Squirrellyartmama's Money Tracker Guide

Have a great day and remember art is all over the place~


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