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My Paintings

While my son was on vacation visiting his sister in Washington a friend of mine suggested I paint something.  She said just give it a try, and start with a chicken/rooster.  She knew I was stuck in my crafts and wanted to do something different.  Mainly I have used my photos and some stock photos and created different designs to put onto my products.

I have created mousepads to mugs, tiles, light switches, license plate frames, plaques and so much more through the years.  I love the design process of creating something different.  But I have been doing the same thing for years and needed a change.

What I love about my crafts, my photography, and now my art I create it and then I put it on the products right from my home.  I never needed to pay anyone to do any of the work for me.  I know I have met many photographers and artists that take their photos or art and send it to a printer to put their designs onto canvas, or aluminum.  I am truly blessed to know the process and do it myself.   I love that I have the tools to get the job done.

From that first painting I completed in June 2016 I have completed quite a handful.  I even put them onto products and sold them at craft fairs.  Now I am challenging myself to do a painting a day.  How fun.  It is such a learning experience.  And at the same time I am getting new designs for the craft side of my life.  Here are a few of my paintings I did since the beginning….

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