Do Small Changes really make a Big Difference on Tomorrow

Have you ever asked yourself that question? I know I have in the past. And now I am a firm believer it does. When you think about making small changes today you are really impacting your tomorrow. The choices you make today pave the road for tomorrow. Have you ever heard someone tell you just take the first step? You just have to start! All it takes is one step, then another, and another.

I find myself saying all the time just take the first step and make it a baby step if you need too. This helps to not overwhelm me but instead it helps prepare me to gradually work up to the bigger steps when I am ready.

Just one step you can change your outcome

This thought process has helped me get out of some tough moments in my life that I never thought I would walk away from as well as help me achieve some huge goals that I thought were so unrealistic. It is much easier to have a “take one step at a time” mentality. When I look at a few of my goals I get overwhelmed and start to spiral. How am I ever going to achieve this? There is just no way. Then I break them down into more realistic goals and set daily tasks to break them down even more. And now it becomes realistic and doable.

When I find myself spiraling on all that I want to achieve I get so stressed out. It takes its toll on me to the point of shut down. Took me many many years to realize that the reason I keep failing is because I am looking at changing everything right now. Go big or go home I would say only to fail three weeks later.

Keeping my focus on just for today is helping me realize that just for today I can make the right choices for me. I will worry about tomorrow when it gets here.

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Small changes no matter the size, adds up into big changes.

I remember wanting to change my life by going back to school. It was such an overwhelming thought that I would have dreams of falling asleep in class and the teacher throwing the eraser at me to wake me up. LOL true story when I was a teenager. Thankfully they use dry eraser boards now although I think the marker would hurt more.

By shaking off my fears I decided to take the plunge and just focus on signing up and seeing what happened. I remember I kept it to myself just in case I failed. Instead of failing, I took the first step and 7 years later I achieved my masters degree. I still cannot believe I did it. Going back to school was the best thing I ever did. It has changed my life.

Everyday we are faced with needing to make small changes in our lives for whatever the reason. It could be you need to change your career, change your spending habits, exercise, eating, overall change your lifestyle however the thought of doing all that you find yourself grabbing a paper bag to breath into to calm you down. LOL been there done that.

One step at a time is so much easier to grasp.

These last 15 years I have made some big changes all by making small changes in my daily life. I was only able to focus on a few changes at once because when I tried to change everything in my life at the same time I consistently failed. So instead I focused on my education, and being a mom. Now it is time to focus on my health. Unfortunately when you ignore the signs it will catch up with you.

I cannot change the past but I can change the future without dwelling on my should have, could have or even I did not. Instead I am now saying if I make small changes today it will impact my tomorrow toward my health. The small changes I made was not eat meat, dairy, and oil today. Some can consider those big changes but think about it. Haven’t you gone a day without eating those three categories? I am now three months in to having that same mentality. For today I will not eat meat, dairy or oil in my foods. I still cannot believe I achieved three months of eating that way.

It is true they say it is less stress on you to think about just for today, or just for right now. It is doable! That is the key isn’t it?

Take Baby steps to see results!

Since making this change three months ago I immediately noticed that I do not feel as bloated. I think that was my first sign. The next is feeling more energy and less tired after meals. I don’t miss that. And an additional bonus I dropped 25 lbs so far. That is a significant amount of weight loss without even feeling like I am dieting.

I chose this new lifestyle because it was the best option for my health. The other diets have done its damage and now I need to let my body heal the right way. I am making sure I get all my nutrients and where I am lacking I take supplements to ensure that my body gets what it needs. I feel like I am eating to live and not living to eat. So far it has been an interesting ride. When I have cravings I just make a healthier version. I do not find myself looking for cheat days because this is my new lifestyle not a diet. I am determined to get healthy, get off blood pressure meds, and lower cholesterol. And my reward is losing all my weight and living a life I was meant to live. That is my goal!

I look forward to the changes I will see tomorrow because of what small change I make today.

Remember small changes today do make a big impact on tomorrows outcome.

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Have a great day.


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