Discover the Artist Within

Through the lens, what do you see?

Our purpose in life is to find what makes us happy. What in life has meaning and what can we do about it. Why not discover the artist within?

I truly believe that art is a way to express those feelings and way to express ourselves through what we create. Creating some type of art in any shape or form allows me to escape from my daily life and focus on what is in front of me.

When I sit in front of an art project all I can do is focus on the work at hand. Everything around me shuts down. It is a wonderful quiet that keeps me in the moment. I need those moments because life in itself has been very loud for years.

When I was a kid I use to play around with drawing, sketching, and painting. Then life happens and you get sidetracked. Next thing you know you put down the pencils and the paint for years.


Something was missing in my life and I could never pinpoint it. Now looking back I realized that art was not in my life. I started back up with taking photos, creating designs with the photos and putting them on various products. I found I really got satisfaction when I would see these beautiful photos on different things.

Then as time goes on I found I was still missing something. I know I love creating new designs on my computer, but I wanted to do something more than photos.

I was introduced to stamping and omg it is so much fun! Of course when I find I like something I get carried away. I have so much fun with stamping.

Then a friend of mine said why don’t you just draw your own designs. My head started spiraling, what to draw.

A friend suggested I paint a chicken. So I did. I fell in love with painting again and haven’t stopped.

Now to discover the artist within and see where it takes me is the journey I am so excited about.

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