My Office / Craft Room Setup

I decided to move the office/craft room to the bigger room because I just have too much stuff.  So I took the room in the 1st post as my bedroom, and I couldn’t be more happier with that choice.  I am completely packed in the new room so having the bigger room was such the better decision.  It is still work in progress but I am finally sharing with you what I have done this far.

This picture is my office area. Since I work from home this is a perfect spot to get things done!

I love this dresser and decided to keep it for the craft room.

This area has my projects, printer, and my large heat press is under the blankets….

I still have more organizing to do as well as unpack a few more things.  Once I get that done then I can take the time to reorganize and maybe get rid of a few things, haha.  But for now…my craft room is functional.

Have a great day!




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