My Craft Room Design

Craft Room Design Project

My craft room design project is something that I am so excited to start.  Not sure what I want to do yet so I  just figured I would start by repainting my furniture.



Desk #1  This one is my office desk.  I decided to paint the furniture using a black cherry stain.

First I had to wipe it down, and then sanded it.  My son helped me do the sanding on this one.

This picture has about three coats on it.  I think I am good to go.  Tomorrow I need to put a polyurethane coating to seal in the stain.  I was totally tempted to incorporate my first fall leaf in over 30 years into the table.

My Matson container came the other day and oh boy so much to unpack.  My daughter said “Mom most of your things say craft room and office, and the other huge pile is my Christmas things”.  Haha yup I have an addiction and a few of them are crafting, computers, and holidays.

So thankfully I have a room to put my craft supplies and office supplies now. And since I started a blog I figure I would document the progress about the layout of the room.  I haven’t really done any crafting for a little while now since I was packing and making such a huge move.  My last craft fair was the end of May because I had so much to do.  And replenishing the craft products was quite challenging since I was packing.

I will take pictures and blog about my journey in setting it up.  Not sure how it will end up only because I have a hodge-podge of things I could not let go when I moved.   Haha…. and my design techniques are to be questioned if you even want to call it design techniques.

Documenting the progress can help me see it from a different angle…so if you see something that you want to say like “Doreen don’t!” please do not hesitate.


Lets start talking crafts.



Love to hear from you...please comment!

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