Craft Room Design

Craft Room Design update Day 2.   It is actually funny that I am writing about a craft room design update when it will be both my office area as well as a craft room.  It shall be interesting to get both into this room.  I had the choice of two rooms but of course I chose my bedroom to be bigger instead of this room.  I love the view from the bedroom so much better.  If you look in this picture there is a room right out the window and there is a room next door.  My son got the other room because we can so see him climbing out of this window and working his way out in the middle of the night.  Nothing like anticipating something my son will do as he becomes a teenager in High School.

As I took this picture I wish all those boxes were not there but the thought of moving those boxes were just not something I am ready to do again.  Soon enough I will have no choice since I have so much more in the garage that needs to make its way up to the room.

Here is table #2 refurbished. This one has two stools that I still need to finish…well actually start.  The goal is to start sanding tomorrow.  This one I am thinking may be in the center of the room



I did this one in black cherry stain as well.  Today I put the polyurethane coating on the tables.


I was really busy working today so  no time to do my furniture improvements.  So right now I have two stools, one file cabinet, and a small corner table for an office to do.  I am torn if I should do another piece of furniture.  Its kind of large with little cubbies.  Should I do them all over so they completely match or have two different types of wood furniture in the room?  That is my dilemma.  We will see.  Love input if you want to share with me your thoughts.

As for the walls I think I am going to keep it a crème color because I am sure my paintings and other pieces will pop on the wall.

Well it is late and I am fighting keeping my eyes open.  Until tomorrow then!  Have a great morning and I do hope you find my craft room design entertaining enough for you to come back and visit again.



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