August 2020 Art Challenge with Friends

So much has happened since the last time we did an art challenge. Everyone got so busy that we had to take a moment to catch up on life. One friend was moving from Hawaii to Washington, another making big life changes both adjusting to new surroundings and for me dealing with some health issues. Life does throw some curve balls.

I did do some painting but not much. I really got lost in my health issues that I could not get out of that funk. Now that my friends are all settled into their new homes here in Washington and we are months into going crazy cause of this CoVid pandemic I thought what better time to start up and distract us with an art challenge. My knee is healing and I don’t have to go into another surgery for a few weeks. The perfect time, so here we are!

This challenge was based off of a picture I thought was just adorable. So my suggestion was for everyone to use it as a reference and include a body to the image as well as just be creative.

I came across this image on instagram. Drawn by Sara Gagnon @illustratorssaragagnon on instagram. I love her work at Saatchi Art.

Thanks for the inspiration to push us out of our funk and back into drawing and challenging ourselves.

Of course the challenge is to not copy but to use as a reference to come up with what you interpret the image to be. To me they look like ducks but my sister was set on ostriches. I guess I could see that too. I asked Renee what she thought they were and she said it is all in the eye of the beholder.

Watercolor 8.5″ x 11″ by Doreen Bowers

I decided to run with the ostrich mom and baby. This is my interpretation. LOL. It came out completely different than my sketch for sure. It was fun though.

Digital design by Doreen. I took a picture of the sketch and uploaded it onto Procreate. Such a beginner but not bad for the first time
By Zekiah. Way to go joining us in the challenge. Watercolor pencil design. Real creative with the outfits.

Looks like the next two had the same thought process. LOL.

Watercolor by Darlene. Her inspiration was in perfect alignment with her daughter getting back into ballet. Love the hint of sparkle!
By Renee Too Cute! Looks like this picture is a big one…using two pieces of paper.

Definitely pushed us out of the comfort zone. Getting creative can have its rewards, don’t you think?

Thanks for participating in this challenge. Look forward to our next one. Hmmm what shall it be?

Have a great day, Doreen~

Love to hear from you...please comment!

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