Artist Way Week 7 Recovering a Sense of Connection

Here we are in week 7 recovering a sense of connection with your inner creative. In week 6 the focus was on the creative blocks by addressing how you look at abundance with money and your natural surroundings. That chapter suggests you track your finances for the month to see how you spend your money. If you take money out of the picture and focus on the natural abundance how much things are you surrounded with. This clutter can definitely block you and clearing the clutter physically and mentally may just help welcome a new flow of creativity.

Time to reconnect with my crafty side.

What I got from all of the reading in The Artist Way this far, is that to be creative you must be in the right mindset. To be in the right mindset you must clear the clutter to continue the flow of creativity. To address the clutter you must look around and evaluate what brings purpose in your life and what does not.

Bottom line listen to your gut, stop ignoring it.

Later in the day while I was out on my Artist Date I took a drive and Mount Rainier just appears out of nowhere. I am in such awe of this mountain. Love it!
Simple, not!

Listening to your gut can be extremely challenging. I know!

One of the tasks set in the Artist Way week 7 suggests you go through magazines and pull out all that you are drawn too. How perfect was this chapter. I just happen to have plenty magazines.

I am finding such calm when I am around the foliage and water. Ha go figure, that warm feeling sipping hot tea it is so relaxing.

Just sitting on the edge of my craft desk were 15 magazine. Yes I have a problem! The perfect project today was to complete a collage of things that inspire me and I went through them and threw the rest away, cleared the clutter. Bam!!!

I laid everything out on my table and took pictures of some of the things I am drawn too right now.

Photos of inspiration of more foliage, winter wonderland of beautiful colors.

I have a problem of wanting things a certain way and this collage was no different. I figured I would need to create a vision board.

Yes a perfectionist to the core! I am not proud of saying that I am a procrastinator.

As a crafter you tend to keep all scraps. I know I have a problem with that. I even have a Rachel Ray dump bowl that I use in my craft room to scoop up those little clippings.

Clear the clutter!

The topics discussed throughout this chapter was listening, perfectionism, risk , jealousy.

As for the rest of the chapter of risk and jealousy those were hard for me. Facing who and why I was jealous of them was ridiculous. After realizing that I reminded myself to put the focus back on me. No need to dwell on that.

Focus on yourself. Work on yourself.

No sense in letting jealousy get in the way. Just let it go! It is a great feeling to overcome.

The only person you can change is yourself, no one else.
As for risk I have been taking a few of them recently. I prefer to look at them as investing in myself. I am worth it!

As for my artist date I drove around and took pictures and went shopping at Michaels. Best date ever! Doesn’t take much to impress me.

Between craft supplies, glitter, and holiday trinkets time stops for me in these stores.

These pictures I am sharing with you is my collage of things I am enjoying right now. My sense of connection to my creative side.

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