Marine Life Art Challenge with Friends 9

For this week the challenge was to create something with Marine Life Mammal. Now when my sister and I was talking about it we struggle with details. Of course when I sent a text to my friends and said this week create a marine life mammal, that they did. My sister and I created Marine life with a mammal. Hahaha.

A Spa Day by Haley
How creative is this? I love it. She used pencils and markers to create this fun piece of art!
Marine Life Seal by Darlene
Looks like it is all watercolor painting from my sister. How cute!
Sea Horse on Fire by Zekiah
Got to say Z you did an amazing job! Looks like Zekiah used his color pencils for this sketch.
Love the creativity…Way cool!
Octopus View by Doreen
Since this month I have been incorporating an octopus in my daily painting prompts I figured why not add it to this challenge as well. I used watercolor to create this design.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for participating in this week’s challenge. I know everyone is busy but you guys really pulled it off. Each one unique and very creative. it is amazing what is all going on up in our heads. Hahaha. I will post the next challenge soon.

Have a great day!


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