Art Challenge of Cityscape Impressionism

The art challenge for November was quite different than past challenges. Creating a cityscape impressionism rendition was something I felt would challenge us a little bit further to help us grow. The only way we get better is to practice as much as possible, right. I cannot express enough that when others join me in these challenges it just makes my day, thank you again!!!

Of course I did not consider holidays when I chose this challenge but its ok. I had fun with it and I am happy to see a couple of others joined in with me.

I was inspired by this artist named Leonid Afremov. He was a contemporary impressionist oil painter who focused mainly on seascapes, and cityscape paintings. I think I was drawn to the bright colors he used in his work, loved it. And the fact he used a palette knife was an additional interest for me. I haven’t used a palette knife in awhile since I have been painting a lot of watercolor paintings. This one of the Rooster was one of my first paintings with a palette knife.

Rooster Plumeria Acrylic painting on canvas with palette knife.

For this challenge we all went with a different design, here is our versions of impressionism. From my research impressionism is a movement in the way you paint, a moment captured through brush strokes, light and movement. I think we did pretty good for our first attempts.

Renee’s art representation of impressionism using chalk as her medium
Zekiah’s Waiting for the Bus art representation of cityscape impressionism. He used markers for his design.
Doreen’s Seattle Skyline watercolor painting.
Doreen’s 2nd attempt to a cityscape on the shores using watercolor
Doreen’s 3rd attempt of cityscape impressionism of Seattle Skyline using acrylic paints on canvas board using brush and palette knife.

If you have a few minutes you can see me actually painting the cityscape. I had fun with this one but I got to say recording is challenging but fun. So work in progress for sure.

Thank you again for participating in the art challenge. Great job everyone!!!

Have an amazing day.


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