Buildings Art Challenge with Friends 7

This week’s challenge was to draw, sketch or paint buildings or houses which ever you prefer. We did extend the dates because we were a bit busy. And that is ok because this is a no stress challenge. Just for fun.

This is a watercolor sketch by Doreen
I completed this sketch first and then made the one above. I just love playing around with houses, and buildings. Fun!
This was drawn by the Z man.. He jumped in last minute. And look what he came up with! Not bad at all. He did such a great job on perspective and dimension. Fantastic!!! You can find a few of his designs throughout squirrellyartmama.
Watercolor by Renee. I just love the colors you use. I see a book in the making with this sketch.
Watercolor by my sister Darlene. Love it. I want to go there!
Sketch by Kylynn. Great job!
Kylynn joined us this week. Welcome Kylynn so glad you can join us. We look forward to seeing your work in our future challenges.

I will post a new challenge soon. Until then, thank you again for participating. Love having people to paint with. Even though we create in our own homes just knowing others participating and painting with us makes the challenges more exciting.

Have a great day~

Doreen, Squirrellyartmama

Love to hear from you...please comment!

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