6 Ways to stay Focused during this Pandemic

Are you having trouble trying to Focus when all you can think about is this pandemic?

The COVID-19 corona virus is affecting our world.  One of the first times we are all in this together.  We can finally see ourselves as one because this virus does not care who you are or where you are from.  It is affecting us all and we are all working together to find a cure.

You are not alone.

I just came out of the hospital on March 4th after having a full knee replacement. I was completely oblivious to a virus hitting our State at the end of January.  Then within in two days after I got home my son told me that the school is considering closing and to start preparing.

All I know is that I had my surgery at the perfect time.  Any later and they probably would have cancelled the surgery.  Then my son being able to stay home and help me without him missing school.  Another blessing.

Even though things worked out perfectly for me, things were not normal.  So many lives lost. Everything that was happening was so real.  Scary the life we live in these days.  It is hard not to watch the news.  They sure know how to get their listeners to listen.

Next thing you know I was bouncing from one channel to another trying to understand what was happening.  I could not get enough of it.  It was just mind blowing that this got so out of control.

At first I could not focus on anything else other than the news.  It was overwhelming and I knew I needed to turn the TV off.  Bouncing from one channel to another trying to understand what was happening.  Since I was stuck on my recliner I had to force myself to watch something funny.   I noticed it was consuming me but you think it took my mind off my knee pain, nope.  That is a whole other story.

Finally I knew it was time to take back the control and refocus.  I decided I will listen to the news in small doses.  Now I am committing myself to take back my early morning self care time.  In addition I found ways to bring my focus back. Here is what I am doing now.

6 Ways to stay Focused during this pandemic:

  1. I created three columns and titled them in areas I want to work with each day.   Family, Self Care, and Business.
  2. Before I go to sleep I will jot down tasks I want to complete tomorrow in each category.
  3. I will enjoy 30 minutes in the morning with no electronics.  There is nothing like paper and pen.
  4. I write my gratitude list and do a quick brain dump.
  5. After watching the morning news with my coffee I turn TV off and decide where to focus next.
  6. My daily goal is to complete a task in each of those categories.

The main thing is to change my outlook on what is going on in the world to what is going on with me.  I decided that I won’t contribute to the problem by getting caught up on with the chaos outside my home.  I will leave that up to the politicians.

Instead I thought sharing ways on how I am getting my focus back can help someone else.

Focus on the here and now and just do that for today!  Good Luck!  You can do it….together we got this!


One thought on “6 Ways to stay Focused during this Pandemic

  1. You are so right. Watching and listening to someone so mean, spiteful and self serving is not good for one’s soul. Glad you’re getting your healthy back!

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