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About - Squirrellyartmama
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Welcome to Squirrellyartmama!

Thank you for taking the time and visiting Squirrellyartmama.  My name is Doreen and I am super excited you found me on the web. The Internet is a big place and you are here!  Everything happens for a reason.

The posts you come across are part of my life experience struggles and strategies that have helped me.   I am hoping they can help you too.  Just knowing we are not alone gives a sense of peace.  A calmness much needed in the storm we call our lives.

Life brought many challenges and hardships for me through the years.  Many of them were out of my control but then again many were poor choices I made through the years.  But now looking back  it is part of life’s lessons and from those lessons I am who I am today because of it.

I always try to look at the positive somehow to help get through the hard times.   The biggest step was getting out of a very long and unhealthy dysfunctional relationship that took me down a path of financial hardship as well as struggling with low self esteem.   I knew I needed to start making changes so I enrolled back in college at 43 and left the toxic relationship at the same time.  I started at my Associates and worked my way to my Master degree in Information Management while working full-time, raising two kids, and working a side business.   It was a struggle but I kept my focus.

Its crazy when you are caught up in the day to day, you do not think you accomplish anything.  But when you take a moment to reflect on what has been going on you realize baby steps do add up!

With the tools I provide in the Freebies I have been able to manage it all and keep my sanity.  Please take advantage of those freebies and get started on creating healthy habits, amazing goals, and a budget that will help you create a simple life.

I hope through my experiences you can find something that will help motivate and inspire you.  Join me in the journey while I create a site that will provide you with tips and tools to help guide you along the way.

Remember It is okay to be work in progress.  The key word is progress.

Have a great day.


Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.

how to start your creative journey
Life is like a camera, just focus on what is important and capture the good times. DEVELOP from the negatives and if things do not work out, just take another shot!

Winston Porter

About - Squirrellyartmama
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