A snapshot of 2018

Each year I go through the months keeping busy. We celebrate birthdays and holidays with our friends and families throughout the year. Then as I head toward the end of each year things start to speed up. Once Halloween passes the air changes and it becomes “the Holiday Season”. And for some reason stress comes into play. There is no reason to stress I say to myself.

Why don’t we feel that way during all the other holiday’s? I do love the holiday feeling but I think the thought about the shopping that gets me all stressed. I am not one for shopping malls. Then there is get the boxes out before a certain date so it makes it in time….And then once I get those boxes out there is a load lifted for about a minute…

Interesting when you think about it.

Then I look at the other holidays as ….Do we get the day off from work? Or what day does that fall on? Each holiday is just that.. a day to relax. Isn’t that what the Holiday Season is supposed to be about? Relaxing, celebrating with friends and family, and enjoying kicking back.

When I think about all the holidays through the year, Mother’s day is supposedly one of the busiest holidays in the middle of the year but it is not the same feeling you get during the “Holiday Season”, is it?

Now looking back at last year I always say wow that went fast, but when I think about what I just say I remember certain parts of the year that I thin wow its only….or even I remember saying wow today is long, or is this month ever going to end, Ha! And now I am think boy oh boy this year went fast. It is amazing how we think.

January 2018 View toward Mount Rainier, Washington

This past year had many ups and downs. I put myself through some challenges like the daily painting and the daily holiday painting, and even the separate painting challenges with my sister. All were so much fun. Now I need to push myself a bit further and come up with new challenges.

I like the daily painting and my sister challenges. Those were a lot of fun so I think I am going to continue that. Now to post it is something I need to work on.

February 2018 Waianae Coast

In my personal life I lost family and friends which was beyond heartbreaking…..and my mom went through major surgery….so happy to report she is doing well. A lot has happened. On a great note my family was all under the same roof, and it was great to be with them again even for that short time. I am sure everyone can relate to that. I think this is the norm for us as we get older. It is hard to live through. Those times are just those moments we really have to force ourselves out of bed to snap out of that funk.

April 2018 Baldwin NY
April/May 2018 Long Beach New York

So glad the year is over and here we are! Are you ready for what the next year will bring? I would love to say bring it on…but I do not like the unknown for certain things and yet for others I am excited. So I just have to realize I only can control my life and my surroundings, and what I want to do for me. Focus on the here and now. I think crafting and painting definitely allows me to do just that. Focus on the here and now. What an amazing gateway for me to tune out the noise around me and throw myself into something that keeps me happy…..

June 2018 Oregon
August 2018 Oregon Coast
August 2018 Fort Flagler Washington Camp Artawanna
2018 Standing behind the Capital in Washington
December 2018 Snoqualmie Summit
Deecember 2018 Enchanted Seattle Washington

As you can see I have done some traveling…and even had a job change same company however working from a different office. Which means I now will be traveling to California….and I thought I took a picture but couldn’t find it…so when I do I will update this post. Just so I have it in my memory folder. I have visited family, spent time with close friends, went to some amazing places, and shared some new experiences with new friends, and to top it off friends from Kauai is moving to Washington so I got to spend time with them…….it was overall a productive year, a good year, an emotional year, and a successful year in the crafting and selling department. 2018 in a nutshell!

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