3 Ways Vegans are Focusing on their Nutrients

When I decided to live a vegan lifestyle I thought it was as simple by eliminating animal products, dairy, and oil from my diet. What I have learned is that even though there are benefits there are also things I never even thought my body would lack due to eating vegan.

Apparently consuming animal products we get nutrients that help your body function and maintain a healthy immune system. Now that I am vegan I have to figure out what I may lack and how to fix that, so my body continues to get the nutrients it requires.

From the research our body needs:

  • Protein
  • Vitamins
  • Water

Of course water is crucial for every person. I just thought I would mention it because if you are like me you struggle with drinking your daily consumption.

Before I was getting plenty protein from animal products, now what?

  • Our body needs protein and the way I substituted this is by consuming more beans, legumes, and nuts. Incorporating that into almost every meal has been quite the challenge.
Plenty beans to choose from. No reason to not get in your protein. Thanks to this Photo by Viktor Smith from Pexels you can see the variety.

When we eat animal products, dairy and eggs our body gets certain vitamins such as Vitamin C, D, B-12, iron, zinc and even omega 3 fatty acids. Wow so why do they suggest us take vitamins if we get this all from those products? I wonder. For me I realize I was not eating a balanced meal every time so I am sure I was lacking in so many areas. It is a lot to consume. So now what? I need to figure out how I can get these vitamins in the food I eat or shall I just take vitamins. I wonder if taking vitamins would be hard for my body.

So much to learn. I decided I will try to get as much vitamins through my food if possible, and if not I will take vitamins. As for the last few months I will be honest I have not been consistent with taking vitamins everyday but after much research I better stay on top of it. My body depends on it.

This is a simple dish to snack on. So refreshing! And what a great photo by Ponyo Sakana from Pexels. Can it get any simpler tomatoes, parsley, and balsamic vinegar.

Everyday I do have a small portion of walnuts. Apparently this is for my omega3. Got to say I would rather that than taking fish oil, no thank you!

The two vitamins I take are Vitamin D and B-12. I would love to say I am consistent but that is work in progress. Scary thought that if my body lacks vitamin B-12 I can have a reaction and that is scary. So I need to make sure me and my daughter both are taking our vitamins. Pretty confident to say that she is not consistent like me. I guess it is true like mother like daughter. Well that has to change for both of us.

We do use nutritional yeast almost daily which apparently is vitamin B-12, but still not enough I am sure. As for Vitamin D I wish I can say that it is as easy as getting sun but I live in Washington state now and that my friends we lack regularly. Lucky me!

Next is Calcium for bone health. We are getting that in our broccoli, whole wheat bread, and chick peas. We sometimes add orange juice as well.

I never think about zinc but I am learning that it is just as important for our body. It focuses on our immunity and metabolism. Knowing this is a concern because it has been such a struggle to look at a food item and say ok I need this for my zinc levels.

This Photo by Oziel Gómez from Pexels is a beautiful display of getting in your fruits and whole grains.

In the past year I have had so much blood work and was told that my blood pressure and cholesterol level were extremely high. In addition I was lacking in the other areas so taking a one a day is beneficial. Now that I am living on a plant based diet, and reading up on what our body needs I need to be consistent with taking daily vitamins. No more time to be slacking on taking my vitamins.

Friday I go into the hospital to remove my gall bladder. Apparently having high cholesterol and being overweight has taken its toll. I would tell my 20 year old self to be more aware of what you are eating. I wish I would have listened to my elders when they told me this at that age. But now that I am in my late fifties I won’t beat myself up, what would be the point. Instead I think if I was 80 what would I tell my 50 year old self. And that answer would be you are still alive and if you want to live to 80 then start changing your lifestyle now. So on that note that is what I am doing, changing my lifestyle. It is never too late to change.

Wow I never thought I would ever become a vegan. I hope it is okay to consider myself one after only being on it for two months, well almost three months. But since I have been living a plant based lifestyle for that amount of time I guess I am a vegan!

This is the life of squirrellyartmama. From one extreme to the next. I have been dabbling in procreate on my iPad and will be updating you with my new designs but on the side I just thought I would share what I have been doing with my health.

Here’s to taking care of our bodies and living a healthy and balanced plant-based lifestyle.

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